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If you don’t care about fitness keep scrolling. (It’s not for everyone I’m aware) Just do one crunch while holding this in your hand , and you will instantly get abs. That’s what everyone wants nowadays, Instant results and a quick fix. I see these 30/60 day challenges everywhere, and I think they are complete bullshit. 50% of those transformations are a lie, it takes TIME, lots of it.
I want to start a challenge that last 9-12 months because that’s the goal people, to make it a lifestyle.
You’re never going to achieve your goals if you go hard for 3 months and quit. If I could say anything to my 18year old self, it would be stay consistent , eat more quality food, less protein shakes, and enjoy the ride. You make your most progress the first two years. If you can’t make it that long you don’t deserve it. It’s definitely not for everyone #keephammering friends. .
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