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If you don’t care about fitness keep scrolling. (It’s not for everyone I’m aware) Just do one crunch while holding this in your hand , and you will instantly get abs. That’s what everyone wants nowadays, Instant results and a quick fix. I see these 30/60 day challenges everywhere, and I think they are complete bullshit. 50% of those transformations are a lie, it takes TIME, lots of it.
I want to start a challenge that last 9-12 months because that’s the goal people, to make it a lifestyle.
You’re never going to achieve your goals if you go hard for 3 months and quit. If I could say anything to my 18year old self, it would be stay consistent , eat more quality food, less protein shakes, and enjoy the ride. You make your most progress the first two years. If you can’t make it that long you don’t deserve it. It’s definitely not for everyone #keephammering friends. .
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  • 9w ago alec.mcalpine alec.mcalpine

    @l_wooldridge I agree man!

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  • 9w ago out_hunting_nz out_hunting_nz

    Great advice 👍

  • 9w ago alec.mcalpine alec.mcalpine

    @the_life_of_alan_titone Anytime man, consistency plus time and you’ll get there!

  • 9w ago alec.mcalpine alec.mcalpine

    @jake.billings.587 Thank you

  • 9w ago alec.mcalpine alec.mcalpine

    @out_hunting_nz Appreciate it

  • 9w ago traildog_adventures traildog_adventures

    It takes three months to build a habit and make it stick. So a 90 day challenge as a stepping stone and building from there would be the best thing for someone starting out.

  • 9w ago patrick_ja_lee patrick_ja_lee

    Yep. Less protein shakes. I don’t even drink whey protein anymore. Maybe once or twice a month at most 💪🏼💪🏼 all that bs drinks having a placebo effect on people. Real food = the best

  • 9w ago alec.mcalpine alec.mcalpine

    @patrick_ja_lee Agree man! I haven’t had whey in about 3 years. Real food = king. All marketing

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  • 9w ago alec.mcalpine alec.mcalpine

    @aclark_24 Just too lazy anymore

  • 9w ago jfierge04 jfierge04

    Going on two years now. 💪💯🔥 It's a lifestyle change and it's the best decision I ever made. Now some weeks I only make it 3 times. Sometimes I'll be on vacation without getting a workout in but I'll never ever quit! I always get right back in it! #2yrfitnessanniversary #fitfam 💪💪

  • 9w ago kosher_hunter kosher_hunter

    Well said... physical discipline is a gateway for mental focus & (for me at least) it just gives that “attack” factor for everything else I do

  • 9w ago michigan_great_outdoors michigan_great_outdoors

    I like this post. Thanks for speaking the truth!

  • 9w ago alec.mcalpine alec.mcalpine

    @kosher_hunter 💯

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  • 9w ago abrown270404 abrown270404

    I definitely fall into the category where I want instant results but I know that’s not realistic nor is it healthy. I do desire to make a healthy lifestyle a habit.. I like the idea of a 9-12 month challenge, and the thought process behind. Anything worth having, takes time and perseverance. Let me know if you come up with a challenge, sign me up 🙌🏻 😉

  • 9w ago xxlonebowmanxx xxlonebowmanxx

    Agreed... 💯

  • 9w ago ryan_bortness ryan_bortness

    Hello yeah 👊

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  • 9w ago themoderncountrygirl themoderncountrygirl

    It's the people who only do one 30/60day challenge. I do one 30/60day challenge then when that's done do another 30/60day challenge. It keeps things interesting. But yes people do not want to put in the work for the abs, everything must be easy nowadays.

  • 9w ago cam_b_67 cam_b_67

    Any supplements? I’m guess def not protein shakes 😂

  • 9w ago alec.mcalpine alec.mcalpine

    @cam_b_67 pre, bcaas, creatine

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    Beast mode. 👊

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    Omg why didnt i see this sooner???

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    lit... 💥🔥

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    Beast 💪

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  • 6w ago afi_hunting afi_hunting

    I agree bcaa and creatine and powdered greens in shakes gives me energy at 50yrs old! And I like what you said Alec it takes time. I know I’m trying to change my eating habits and it becomes a habit to turn away from certain foods.

  • 6w ago afi_hunting afi_hunting

    Doesn’t happen in 3 or 6 months it becomes a life style and for me it is in my DNA to hunt.

  • 4w ago stevetrener_barbarian stevetrener_barbarian

    Great shape

  • 3w ago b.daoie b.daoie

    Agreed 👍

  • 3w ago dougfunctionallyfit dougfunctionallyfit

    Amen bro👍 It took me years to get where i am at. Im still not completely there

  • 2w ago

    Hell yeah man I could not agree more! 🙌🙌 It's certainly not for everyone but yet everyone seems to want the quick fix diets, yet hate on the dedicated cus "oh well you have more time than me" we all have 24 hours in a day. @alec.mcalpine

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