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Meaningful Valentine’s Day gifts have never been easier. Custom Floating Frames make sweet keepsakes and are ready today with FREE Same Day Pickup. [tap link in bio]


  • 9w ago scapesrus scapesrus


  • 9w ago jacks0706 jacks0706

    @driveninsane123 make one for steven 😍

  • 9w ago mavisachiaayeboah26 mavisachiaayeboah26

    How do buy from Walgreen .I need a set of creme of nature again oil

  • 9w ago isabelmercauto isabelmercauto

    Love that Walgreens pictured a pitbull...💞💖💕

  • 9w ago jarc_thefryguy jarc_thefryguy

    Blueface baby take yo tobacco off your counters! Stop harming people by supplying them with cancerous prosucts!@truthorange

  • 9w ago stephxlove_213 stephxlove_213

    This is not going to change the horrible customer service you receive at your stores. I am very frustrated about a recent experience/event that took place today at several Walgreens stores in the process of trying to get a urgent ER prescription filled. It's important you continue to uphold your company's service standards as you continue to expend and train your employees to have genuine concern for your loyal customers.

  • 8w ago mikephillipsss mikephillipsss

    I love u Walgreens follow me

  • 8w ago lbemerick lbemerick

    I would not recommend the Gainesville Va pharmacy. This insensitive pharmacy after the female pharmacist refused to fill a prescription from an emergency visit. It was 8:56 and she indicated that the pharmacy - not the store - was closing in 3 minutes but it would take 15 minutes to fill the prescription. Unbelievably poor customer service. Oh she did I offer that we could come back tomorrow in what meteorologists are calling for a major snow storm. Thanks for nothing.

  • 8w ago loubiegal loubiegal

    @Walgreens I am extremely disappointed with your photo app it always cuts my photos plus it’s difficult to use. Uploaded 92 photos yesterday and had to do it twice only to put in discount photo code and it would not accept it. Wasted one hour I’m done with your services. 🙄

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