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I am out of hospital and back home (or my mother’s home anyway) finally. 😭 I had to get a walking cane to get myself around at least for a while, and decided to have some fun with it - because why not? So this is the Makipimp Cane, a pale gold folding model with Moomin designs. It’s pretty sturdy and supports me well so far. The handle is a tad small though.
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  • 5w ago rybula rybula

    Congratulations on being released back into the world! And I love love love the moomin cane! 😍

  • 5w ago sumpfhexe sumpfhexe

    Welcome home! And the cane is awesome

  • 5w ago my2squirrels my2squirrels

    That is fantastic. It feels so much better in your own surrounds. And you can finally eat what you want ❤

  • 5w ago my2squirrels my2squirrels

    @tal00001 and I love the cane

  • 5w ago tntknits tntknits

    So happy to hear you are out of the hospital. I hope you have a speedy recovery! And that is a beautiful cane!

  • 5w ago tarabu42 tarabu42

    So glad you’re back in the wild!

  • 5w ago trixie_nyc trixie_nyc

    There’s no place like (mother's) home.🤗

  • 5w ago ninthstation ninthstation

    Glad you’re on way to recovery and out of hospital!

  • 5w ago expelliarmooose expelliarmooose

    Glad you out of the hospital ! And that’s a hell of a cute cane ✨

  • 5w ago pdxspiceweasel pdxspiceweasel

    So glad you are out of hospital! Please be well! My daughter and I like your Moomin cane.

  • 5w ago kiwi.meowdi kiwi.meowdi

    I'm so glad you're home and out of the hospital! I hope your recovery is quick!

  • 5w ago billcountie billcountie

    So pleased you have been discharged. The cane is pretty flashy. I opted for a carved wood cane, do not have to check it when going through a metal detector and is not cold to the touch.

  • 5w ago army_wife_keto_life army_wife_keto_life

    Pimpcane! Love it. Show em who's boss. Hahaha!

  • 5w ago amanda77kr amanda77kr

    Yay home (or almost home) sweet home! Rockin’ that cane.

  • 5w ago shirleyekaiser shirleyekaiser

    Beautiful cane!! As I’ve written elsewhere, I’m glad you’re out of the hospital and hope you continue to feel better and better. Love and hugs. ❤️

  • 5w ago papessaess papessaess

    Yay! So glad to see you’re out of hospital! Best wishes for your recovery!! (The cane is awesome!)

  • 5w ago dark_kunoichi dark_kunoichi

    Rock that cane! And speedy recovery to you!

  • 5w ago konekochan247 konekochan247

    Couldn't find a funyassyi one?

  • 5w ago konekochan247 konekochan247

    P S. glad that you are doing well enough to be at your mother's and walking around a bit ♡♡♡

  • 5w ago bakabakajiro bakabakajiro

    Now you can wave it around and yell at the crazy kids to get off your lawn! 😁 Glad you are back on your feet and out of hospital. Happy healing

  • 5w ago makiwi makiwi

    @konekochan247 No Funassyi cane available 😭

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