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The prompt for #hopewriterlife today is “edit” and I have gone about today with this question in the back of my mind about what I could post about this - but then I paused to take a series of pictures to capture a little bit of this moment - as I sit down, editing a Bible study set to release & that I will be teaching at the Women’s Bible study at my church this spring, with my baby boy asleep on my shoulder and the next oldest on the iPad.
Editing is simply part of the process - we take the messy and we try to tame it, to smooth it out. We cut and paste, we take a deep breath and cut some of our favorite lines.
I have wrested in the gap between the messy draft of real life and the smoothed out sentences of what I share. This gap has given me a lot of pain and making peace with it has been a necessity step in moving forward.
I could write a LOT more on this, and maybe sometime I will but my 3 year old has now emptied the contents of the baby powder on himself!

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