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Week 15 "Tranquility"

In this very season of my life....Tranquility is almost something I have to live while in action. (Definition: quality or state of being tranquil; calmness; peacefulness; quiet; serenity.) Sometimes my calm doesn't come until super late at night....or maybe while I am in the car i'm in a tranquil space. However, today i'm inspired to share what i could call a tranquil space almost every time i come to it....when I've taken an image and sit down to work on calming to me. It moves my mind in a way it would not normally work. I find a stillness (in action). My BEST tranquility location is sitting near an ocean staring at the water. This is not my reality...that is a luxury. (I'm not in any good close distance to a coastline) But my everyday space is here in my office...and I hope you enjoy this image. It brings me peace to look at it. Created in New Jersey from these CRAZY amazing fallen leaves. <3
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