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For some reason, I feel this crazy pressure to only post the perfectly curated images on Instagram and sometimes it keeps me from posting ones I love. It was a total accident that I dressed the boys to match my outfit... which just so happened to be one of the only times I had on real clothes all week, my living room is a disaster and yes my Christmas decor is still out. But I love these cute little faces and just had to put this up. Sharing more perfectly imperfect photos from the week over on Running in a Skirt today including date night and how I'm keeping two babies entertained. Hope to see ya on the blog... imperfections and all 😍. Direct link in profile 👆🏻.


  • 4w ago theshadedbuffalo theshadedbuffalo

    A secret to motherhood is that all that other stuff will defintely wait for you. Enjoy those babes. ❤️❤️

  • 4w ago dmkrise dmkrise

    Enjoy every minute. All that other stuff is just that, stuff. You look amazing. Maybe Paul and I can get up there and visit you guys soon.

  • 4w ago jules.andree jules.andree

    So sweet! 💕

  • 4w ago guidedwellnessbyangela guidedwellnessbyangela

    So precious 😊

  • 4w ago wendyistakingthelongwayhome wendyistakingthelongwayhome

    Love all the photos!

  • 4w ago colleenboll4361 colleenboll4361

    Love the imperfections! It's just so real and comforting that way

  • 4w ago slanger2009 slanger2009

    I wouldn’t worry about anything if I had such precious joy to hold! Congrats they are just beautiful 🦋🙏🏻

  • 4w ago rawchefandrea rawchefandrea

    I love this! My mom was a twin 💗 so precious!

  • 4w ago youmekiddos youmekiddos


  • 4w ago lacers02 lacers02

    They are so adorable ❤️

  • 4w ago deliciouslygeeky deliciouslygeeky

    Nope, live as a mom is more about chaos and dirty clothes - enjoy!

  • 4w ago shawsimpleswaps shawsimpleswaps

    ❤️❤️❤️So much love her Julie!!!

  • 4w ago teamtwinfitness teamtwinfitness

    My favorite pics are the candid ones!! Usually when one kid is screaming and the other is loving life 😂

  • 4w ago tcfamily4 tcfamily4

    Beautiful! 💙💙💙

  • 4w ago ramonas.cuisine ramonas.cuisine

    You look gorgeous lovelies ❤️❤️

  • 4w ago rachellou21 rachellou21

    You are beautiful. Such cute babes, too.

  • 4w ago mama.matriarch mama.matriarch

    So sweet!😍 The imperfect ones are always the best one

  • 4w ago debraoaks16 debraoaks16

    I love this and how the one baby boy is looking at you!!!♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • 4w ago reddingbaby reddingbaby

    I love how real this is! Thanks for sharing ❤️❤️

  • 4w ago gothwal145 gothwal145

    Nice levly

  • 4w ago gothwal145 gothwal145


  • 4w ago coach_asli coach_asli

    So refreshing to see ‘real’ photos! Much more encouraging to other moms who have their plates full and overflowing.🌺

  • 4w ago bo_bryant_ bo_bryant_

    Beautiful babies and mother!

  • 3w ago lu_and_ed lu_and_ed

    This is such a beautiful photo! Not only should you post more, you should definitely print more like these out and frame them!

  • 3w ago eatdrinkandsavemoney eatdrinkandsavemoney

    I know that feeling! The funny thing is that pictures like this end up doing so much better because it’s from the heart!

  • 3w ago justemylifestyle justemylifestyle


  • 3w ago chelseyamernutrition chelseyamernutrition

    Love this pic Julie!

  • 3w ago thealiciamorin thealiciamorin

    Adorable ❤️

  • 3w ago vineripenutrition vineripenutrition

    Congratulations! Somehow, I missed that you were having twins!

  • 3w ago bersusetowels bersusetowels

    Gorgeous ✨ We named our company after our triplet girls who were born in 31 and 1/2 weeks. Our goal is to prevent prematurity. Please check out our towels💦 We use 100% premium combed cotton and no harmful substances included✅

  • 3w ago joewroble joewroble

    And you all are color matched.(not a surprise)glad your all heathy. Great picture

  • 3w ago healthyseasonal healthyseasonal

    Share away🙌🙌

  • 3w ago catchingwhimsy catchingwhimsy

    My boys just turned two a few weeks ago... photos like this seem like just yesterday yet sooooo long ago. Pure sweetness. Go mama, go 💪🏻💪🏻💙💙

  • 3w ago mamahustlerepeat mamahustlerepeat

    All three of you are adorable! You are rocking it, mama!

  • 3w ago goodiegoodieglutenfree goodiegoodieglutenfree

    Omg they are so cute!

  • 3w ago _victoriatiffany _victoriatiffany

    This picture is adorable! Thank you for sharing it with us 😍

  • 3w ago cstelter cstelter

    What adorable boys!!

  • 3w ago intentionally_living26.2 intentionally_living26.2

    Twins! I’m a twin mama too! 🙋🏼‍♀️ My mantra that first year was, “im thriving in my season of life.”

  • 3w ago julie_wunder julie_wunder

    @intentionally_living26.2 such a good manta! This is quite a season!

  • 3w ago dena.alese dena.alese

    Your twins are beautiful!! I’m a twin mom too!! 😘

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