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We hope you enjoyed our Insta-worthy walk down #memorylane over these past few days. 💛 Keep following and be sure to #shop the FINAL HOURS of our site before it closes at noon EST today!


  • 13w ago karripsoph karripsoph

    I love you Henri Bendel! Thank you for the beautiful memories and many brown and white stripes in my life (I have a big collection including my custom Izak painting from last year). I’ll miss you forever! 😘

  • 13w ago adgirl82 adgirl82

    So sad!!!

  • 13w ago kkruse2 kkruse2


  • 13w ago sbk_620 sbk_620

    I am heartbroken you have closed your doors! I have been frequenting the NYC Fifth Avenue store for about almost 20 years. I was first introduced to Henri Bendel at 22 when I started working in the city. Stores came & went for me but Bendel’s always made me feel special when I walked through those doors. I was always so excited to know I could find a unique piece of jewelry or accessory to add to my wardrobe. Just this AM I was looking at all the jewelry I bought at your store throughout the years. Thank you for the beautiful memories. You always made any girl feel special when they walked through your doors. All my pieces are so unique. Your footprint will surely be missed on Fifth Avenue & forever. You are New York after all. ❤️

  • 13w ago sistastyle sistastyle

    @ms_deb1231 well I'm thinking they will make a statement comback!!!!

  • 13w ago nakitaapplebaum nakitaapplebaum

    I didn’t get to buy anything😭😭😭 I wasn’t paying attention!!

  • 13w ago lois_rose lois_rose

    Aw I love ur bags and I’m using ur phone wallet :(((

  • 13w ago alexandraj513 alexandraj513


  • 13w ago jzamonski_ jzamonski_

    @kendraasmithh ugh don’t remind me

  • 13w ago henribendel henribendel

    @balqissb All stores have closed. Thank you.

  • 13w ago awesome_valery awesome_valery

    I suppose there are a lot of bags in your online store, maybe it will be better to sale all models 😰😰😰 I cant believe

  • 13w ago awesome_valery awesome_valery

    I suppose there are a lot of bags in your online store, maybe it will be better to sale all models 😰😰😰 I cant believe

  • 13w ago lherzog65 lherzog65


  • 13w ago chelspaige828 chelspaige828

    @advertisingbarbie I know! Unfortunately not 😭 did you?

  • 13w ago gettingbywithlittlevictories gettingbywithlittlevictories

    @curtishfuller in that case, I hope they have a "historical landmark" designation so that they must be kept intact and maintained. Prevent L Brands from destroying those amazing pieces of priceless art like they did the HB brand. My mom passed down a original Lalique statue to me from when she was younger and I safeguard it with my life (it's insured)...nobody creates anything timeless anymore. ❤️ to you!

  • 13w ago gettingbywithlittlevictories gettingbywithlittlevictories

    @westtexasgirl Umm, probably an employee-only sale, giveaway, or five-finger discount...

  • 13w ago dmc62 dmc62

    This is so sad....I've followed you for years enjoying looking at your handbags. I dreamt one day I would get one but now at the age of 56 it seems I should have put myself first sooner and spoiled myself earlier. Farewell, au renoir, masalama and auf weidersehn.

  • 13w ago valerylillo valerylillo

    I thought you guys stayed online would remain until January 31st and only the last few stores remaining would close today... I’m disappointed with false date advertising about the website. I wanted to shop one last time 😭😭😭😭😭

  • 13w ago curtywurty21 curtywurty21

    @gettingbywithlittlevictories They are landmarked thanks to Jackie O! 💞

  • 13w ago mimadiva1334 mimadiva1334

    @gettingbywithlittlevictories it was a stunning gown and custom veil ..Alencon lace, button back..and they were the first to order matching lace appliqués for my silk taffeta heels ..which began a huge trend! This was in 1974 and their attention to every detail was extrodinary!

  • 13w ago effycorelli effycorelli

    I can’t believe it

  • 13w ago lemmons84 lemmons84

    What year was this taken?

  • 13w ago keeshondc keeshondc

    Breaks my heart.

  • 13w ago andrayah_ andrayah_

    Wait ... Henri Bendel CLOSED?! ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!?!?!?

  • 13w ago yur_iriiinn yur_iriiinn

    Omg they are closing this is so sad. @marikoxoxoxo

  • 13w ago tara949 tara949


  • 13w ago marikoxoxoxo marikoxoxoxo

    @yur_iriiinn Nooooo😭😭😭

  • 13w ago parke2013 parke2013

    @monielove85 thank you! I ran to my closest store to see if I could get something.

  • 13w ago iriswormser iriswormser

    So sad

  • 13w ago ms_deb1231 ms_deb1231

    @laonec its ok baby 🤗

  • 13w ago henribendel henribendel

    @tomomiishimaki Great question, and good news! Since we too are #bendelgirlsforlife we plan to keep the account “open”. Come back, get some style inspiration, share some memories… it will be here to enjoy.

  • 13w ago itsangelababy itsangelababy

    @madelinelang idk how i legit only now saw this but omg i know im so upset, made my mom buy me some goodies 😭😭

  • 13w ago marycsavino marycsavino

    So sad

  • 12w ago gabriela_rgc gabriela_rgc


  • 3w ago blushandbrew blushandbrew

    Please come back!! You are so missed!!

  • 2w ago sanjacquemin sanjacquemin

    Is there any customer service? 🙏

  • 2w ago henribendel henribendel

    @sanjacquemin If you have questions/concerns regarding a previous purchase, please call us at 1-800-423-6335.

  • 2w ago sanjacquemin sanjacquemin

    @henribendel 🧡🙏 yes just a bangle of mine, some stones all have fallen out.... are there replacements ?

  • 2w ago henribendel henribendel

    @sanjacquemin Please reach us directly at 1-800-423-6335 so we can see how we can assist. Please have your purchase details ready when you call!

  • 5d ago dungnhivo dungnhivo

    @benluong12345 😭

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