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Life. After several attempts to redeem myself, I concede to my 7 year old while playing this memory card game. She is home due to a virus and today is my work from home day. Reality check: practice more to improve my memory? Maybe focus more? She was determined without trying and I played with her while I answered my mail, coordinated skeds, addressed work and home concerns.. Note to self: Do not just get over our days by the skin of our teeth. I must, must take a back step and see life in the eyes of a child again and perhaps I will see more and remember more..I guess it’s now time for tea.. ☕️ Who can relate?


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  • 5w ago veesilvano veesilvano

    I miss Solana @mommymaricel !! How about doing ig story with her😊😊 you both😘😘

  • 5w ago shekinahreads shekinahreads

    How is Donny po? Praying for him

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  • 5w ago samuelmej___ samuelmej___

    Nice!!!♥️ @mommymaricel

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  • 5w ago samuelmej___ samuelmej___

    Btw, I hope Donny feel better na po now. Huhu :(( still praying for his fast recovery🙏🏻♥️ @donny

  • 5w ago avengozaii avengozaii

    Mommy cel,i dont understand po that memory po ba yan?maybe when im older enough i can relate po....c solana po ba ang kalaro nio?sana makita ko na po cia in u po👼👱😍

  • 5w ago veesilvano veesilvano

    @mommymaricel yay!!! Thank you for the like🙌!!!.. it means a make me extra happy today😄😄.. waiting and praying to see Solana in big screen.! ... @playhouseph @gmounit what about having Solana as baby Imus /Cecilia ?? She will fit the role for sure😍😁💕💕💕..

  • 5w ago mommymaricel mommymaricel

    @avengozaii yes , Solana. It’s a card game na hahanapin ang kapares na card :)

  • 5w ago maemagdamo maemagdamo

    I miss playing chess with Solana😊. Get well soon Solana!😊❤️

  • 5w ago avengozaii avengozaii

    @mommymaricel mommy cel,sana po pagdating ni mommy ko ibili po ako ng game cards na yan at we play din po tulad po nio ni Solana😍😍😍

  • 5w ago mitchikoy_santos mitchikoy_santos

    🙋🏻‍♀️ our children are our reminder that it is ok to take a pause, breath and free our mind of worries and chores from time to time

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    Hi msMaricel

  • 4w ago margiejs margiejs

    Surina was wondering where she was today. I hope she’s feeling better 💕

  • 4w ago rachelannewolfe rachelannewolfe

    I can relate @mommymaricel 💕

  • 4w ago mamuknowzbest mamuknowzbest

    Must wear mask! 😷 Duh!🙄

  • 4w ago mamuknowzbest mamuknowzbest

    Face mask

  • 4w ago mamuknowzbest mamuknowzbest

    Please advise everyone to wear 😷 face mask! I bought some for you guys to wear! I gave it to Hannah!🙄

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