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  • 4w ago pd13jd pd13jd

    I love this book❤️

  • 4w ago elizabethjehnzen.madnessatbay elizabethjehnzen.madnessatbay

    That book is on my wishlist

  • 4w ago msbodgie msbodgie

    It’s on mine too!! I love it!

  • 4w ago suzette.foss suzette.foss

    I've just got this book and mini curve ruler, can't wait to try it out ❤️

  • 4w ago amcdo5207 amcdo5207

    I desperately want your book but shipping is way too expensive to Canada. It is the same price as the book 😢

  • 4w ago sewkindofwonderful sewkindofwonderful

    @pd13jd yay, glad you love it 😘

  • 4w ago sewkindofwonderful sewkindofwonderful

    @suzette.foss awesome! Share with us what you make 😘

  • 4w ago sewkindofwonderful sewkindofwonderful

    @amcdo5207 I know 🙁 soooo sorry! Have you checked any local quilt stores?

  • 4w ago suzette.foss suzette.foss

    @sewkindofwonderful will do, have a good weekend

  • 4w ago amcdo5207 amcdo5207

    @sewkindofwonderful haven’t found it yet. I am a sew kind of wonderful fanatic so this is definitely missing in my collection!

  • 4w ago mkcolman mkcolman

    @amcdo5207 where are you located? There are a few shops in the Windsor ON area that carry this book.

  • 4w ago amcdo5207 amcdo5207

    @mkcolman I’m in Quebec but thank you!

  • 4w ago mlauth1015 mlauth1015

    @amcdo5207 can any of the shops that have it in Canada ship it to you? Just a thought... maybe it would be cheaper if they could do that? Sorry if not- just trying to think of a way for you to get it...

  • 4w ago amcdo5207 amcdo5207

    @mlauth1015 thank you! I will look into that! I do order online a lot !

  • 4w ago l.landry616 l.landry616

    I’ve made Bird Song and an abbreviated version of Bat Moon Rising. Bird Song needs quilting. Bat Moon I was able to do myself.

  • 4w ago mlauth1015 mlauth1015

    @amcdo5207 sure! Hope it works out for you! Best of luck!

  • 4w ago sewkindofwonderful sewkindofwonderful

    @l.landry616 so fun!! Share pics with us!

  • 4w ago 3littlemenandme 3littlemenandme

    I haven’t made any because I’m scared of it 🤦🏻‍♀️ I love to look at the pictures though!

  • 4w ago sewkindofwonderful sewkindofwonderful

    @3littlemenandme no, don’t be!! It’s SO much easier than it looks!

  • 4w ago melaniejevans melaniejevans

    @3littlemenandme Just took a class on the Mini Quick Curve ruler and it really is amazingly easy to do. It will take your fear of sewing curves away immediately. Give it a try!

  • 4w ago sigis_patchworkcorner sigis_patchworkcorner

    I've made a few and it is really not as dufficult as it seems to be. 🌷💕

  • 4w ago latinistra latinistra

    Sew much fun! I’ve made the pumpkin runner and the tree table topper and they both turned out great. Next up is Urban Candy with Kaffe and Essex linen.

  • 4w ago 3littlemenandme 3littlemenandme

    @melaniejevans a class would be great!

  • 4w ago 3littlemenandme 3littlemenandme

    @sewkindofwonderful that’s what I hear! I’ll look for a class maybe?? I have the book and the ruler already, just waiting for my courage to gather 😉

  • 4w ago denisekingdesigns denisekingdesigns

    Love this!

  • 4w ago westmichquilter westmichquilter

    I received the book and ruler for Christmas. Today made 6 test blocks following book. For the life of me I cannot get it to work without pinning. And I do not understand on page 9 in tip area. It says place top piece in right hand and picture clearly shows it in left hand. I know I need a lot of practice.

  • 3w ago silviacmariani silviacmariani


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