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This depicts what pretty much every single day at the gym looks like.

This is Billy ‘The Protector’ Harris is my full time health coach, has been for the past 8 months.
He tracks, plans & logs my nutrition, my sleep, my workouts & my meditation.
This man represents what every successful person needs. Someone to anchor them.
Billy sees me at my worst, namely 05:30AM in London when the last fucking thing I want to do is train.
I’ve learned as you keep mounting pressure & responsibility in your life, you need people around you that can hold you up & keep you accountable when you want to quit.
You need trusted advisors, you need friends who are on the same page as you, you need confidants.
I’m blessed to have developed many of those in my life.
That said, the best business decision I made in 2018 was bringing this dude into my life.
He’s taken my health to another level which in turn has taken my business to another level.
Not only that, he’s one of the reasons that I haven’t plucked my hair out from overwhelm and stress.
If you haven’t already, go find yourself a Billy… or Billy himself haha! He manages most of my successful friend’s training, nutrition & sleep online through his company.
All in all, never underestimate the importance of your health or having an anchor in your life.
Cheers to ’The Protector’ 🥂


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    💪 💸

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    ❤️❤️❤️ Inspiration @imangadzhi 🙏🙏🔥

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    Cheers brother! Health is wealth 💪🏼

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    Hey, I just wanted to know, in social media marketing, do you manage all your clients instagram and facebook pages?

  • 13w ago florowland1 florowland1

    This is a source of inspiration that I can do this too Happy for you

  • 13w ago billyharrisfitness billyharrisfitness

    Broski the past 8 months have only been an absolute pleasure both on a professional and personal level. ‘Big things are coming’ this year and I simply cannot wait to watch you smash through every hurdle you face on your journey to achieving the goals you have established for yourself, of course I will be supporting you through every step of the way 🏋️

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    What’s up @billyharrisfitness - hit me up brother. I need some serious accountability

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    If I visited you sometime conventietly, would you be down for a gym session ? 💪🏽

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    How did you space out the words? Did u post this online?

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    @mattressgarcia I mean on the web page

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    I definitely think bringing in a mentor/coach or someone to just guide you to your exact goal is game changing. I need to find a billy asap 😎💯

  • 13w ago sayedmedia sayedmedia

    We all need an anchor in our lives to make sure we are on the right track in our own journey towards our success. Following your journey for the past year has been an insane roller coaster. Can’t wait to see what you got planned for the coming years

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    Sick gym

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    I respect what you do it's awesome but dam your ads are too much bro literally see it 10x a day

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    If you're as charismatic as I think you are and like to take action, slide in my messages please!

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    Cheers for the protector🥂

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    I bought iman gadzy course. I can help you if you need.

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