Instagram post by @mama_hoosier Vanessa Hoosier

Sometimes I feel the need to pinch myself! Is this seriously the same girl who subsisted on 'pouches' and milk one year ago? Who refused all fresh produce and any dips/wet foods three months ago?
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  • 5w ago threeoaksacademy threeoaksacademy

    She’s going to take over the world. Katie’s a boss. 👊🏻

  • 5w ago mama_hoosier mama_hoosier

    Yes, @threeoaksacademy! She is a boss! Therapy is pretty much teaching her she can do what seems impossible if she works hard enough at it, I'm starting to wonder what that resolve may allow her to do in the future!\

  • 4w ago dale.hoosier dale.hoosier

    Katie is changing so fast!

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