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Japanese hospital food. This was dinner last night. Battered fried white fish, kinpira (?), some kind of nimono with konnyaku and chicken liver, wakame and cabbage salad, rice, tea (hojicha). It wasn’t too bad. And yep I am back in a hospital again. 😓.
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  • 4w ago kimapts kimapts

    Nooooo, I hope you feel better soon! 😞💐😫

  • 4w ago bel1trey bel1trey

    May your healing be swift and complete!

  • 4w ago aloha_erica aloha_erica

    Get well soon ♥️

  • 4w ago spontaneoustomato spontaneoustomato

    Hope you feel better soon!

  • 4w ago entotensd entotensd


  • 4w ago themouse themouse

    Sending you healing energy and thoughts. Hope you feel better soon.😷

  • 4w ago kittiesofdarkness kittiesofdarkness

    I'm sorry to hear this. Sending you healing strength. ❤️

  • 4w ago pandachiyo pandachiyo


  • 4w ago cindylin_stagram cindylin_stagram

    From the looks of it, Japanese institutional food is better than American at least. But I hope you won’t have to eat it for long. Get well soon! 💗

  • 4w ago snappycathy snappycathy

    Maki, I hope you are feeling better. Sending you best wishes

  • 4w ago madmanslitany madmanslitany

    Best wishes!

  • 4w ago melissa.hohoho melissa.hohoho

    Get well soon. Have always been a fan of your work. 🙏🏻

  • 4w ago idontlikechocolatebrownies idontlikechocolatebrownies

    Thank you for letting us see this! It does look better than what we get in Germany, hope it tasted better too. Get well soon!

  • 4w ago takawolffie takawolffie

    Wishing you the best!

  • 4w ago susita8 susita8

    Délicate Hugs

  • 4w ago larosecyrielle larosecyrielle

    We are sorry you gotta go back to the hospital... wish you to recover as quickly as possible 🤭😘

  • 4w ago sumpfhexe sumpfhexe

    Get better soon! Came over from Twitter to this account.

  • 4w ago funnycoder funnycoder

    Get well

  • 4w ago larai457 larai457

    I’m sorry. I hope you get better soon

  • 4w ago stefohnee stefohnee

    Hope you’re out soon! Looks 10x better than what you’d get here in the US, I think.. no jello in sight! 🙂

  • 4w ago mi.ne67 mi.ne67

    Odaiji ni 🍀💝🤞

  • 4w ago ania.harmonia ania.harmonia

    Get better soon ☺️

  • 4w ago barbarasollero barbarasollero

    Get better soon! I’m sorry for the chicken liver

  • 4w ago bisrosanna bisrosanna

    Get better!

  • 4w ago starlights86 starlights86

    The fish looks good. Ps- hope you feel better

  • 4w ago weidmoor weidmoor

    Feel better soon, Maki! I hope you don't have to stay in hospital long.

  • 4w ago littlelizu littlelizu

    All the best Maki. I still rely on justhungry, years and years later x

  • 4w ago mainsfortunes21 mainsfortunes21

    Hope you get well soon!

  • 4w ago caireen.b caireen.b

    Hope you recover soon. Sending healing thoughts.

  • 4w ago lina_to_u lina_to_u

    Get well soon.👍

  • 4w ago amanda77kr amanda77kr

    That looks far better than what you’d get in the US. But sorry to hear your back in the hospital. Many wishes for a speedy homecoming.

  • 4w ago tntknits tntknits

    Sending wishes for a speedy recovery!

  • 4w ago sttrawberrymilk sttrawberrymilk

    hope you feel better soon! was just in the hospital myself and this is worlds better than hospital meals in the US. i hope you share more of your meals and have a speedy recovery!

  • 4w ago yangszechoo yangszechoo

    Get well soon! I'm a long time fan of yours - hope you have a good and swift recovery!

  • 4w ago napacasual napacasual

    I’ll be thinking of you! Best wishes for some good healing. ❤️🙏🏽

  • 4w ago tardismilktea tardismilktea


  • 4w ago tamus629 tamus629

    🙏Get healed soon. Thank you for all the inspiration

  • 4w ago anarchone anarchone

    Get well soon!

  • 4w ago peridot_lynx peridot_lynx

    Feel better soon! 💕💕 💕

  • 3w ago mariviportillodecan mariviportillodecan

    Feel better soon! 🙏🌟

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