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It’s almost February. #soem #soems #crayola #jaydilla #jdilla #jdee #jaydee #jamesyancey #dilla #dilladog #markers #love #art #respect #photooftheday #rip (man every time February approaches I remember back when I was bumping the donuts 🍩 promo 2005. “Dilla dilla dilla Donuts.... promo.” Was such a time for me. I was crushed when I found out he passed... I remember where I was when I found out too. I was at @ughhdotcom and it literally hurt. I was playing the promo in my CD player. That was the first time ever I shut down.... I was only 19.... looking back at it at 32 years old now I still can’t believe how much of an impact this man had on my life. Thank you dilla. This man’s music got me through soooooo many tough times. His music helped me get through high school which I struggled to get through in the first place. There’s too much to say as far as details go. But none the less thank you jay dee.


  • 5w ago la.nisha_ la.nisha_


  • 5w ago soems soems

    @la.nisha_ truly my hero.

  • 5w ago missanasol missanasol

    It makes me sad he's gone. I remember exactly what I was doing when hearing he had passed. RIP Dilla

  • 5w ago ruxiford ruxiford


  • 5w ago soems soems

    @missanasol same. Was crazy. I was legit crushed. Couldn’t believe it.

  • 5w ago la.nisha_ la.nisha_

    @soems bet, he’s definitely your idol

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  • 5w ago diego_bergia diego_bergia

    @diego_bergia I remember the corner I was standing on when I found out too

  • 5w ago soems soems

    @diego_bergia man. The bus ride home after that everything had a different meaning. The dilla alarm had me like dam...... hospital visits from an ambulance. Crazy.

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  • 5w ago missanasol missanasol

    @soems I know... 💕

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  • 5w ago samharang samharang

    that nib is toast. solid work.

  • 5w ago aka.chaden aka.chaden

    Wowwwww this is fantastic for only a black crayola wtffff dude! RIP JD

  • 5w ago imm_josee imm_josee

    My favorite producer/MC

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  • 5w ago bi9mik3 bi9mik3

    Oh yaaa

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  • 5w ago eyevan617 eyevan617

    Word bro, I remember you playing dilla beats on the drums at the music clubhouse (circa 2009, maybe?) at Hyde square task force. U were mad determined to get that slap on the snare down lol

  • 5w ago soems soems

    @eyevan617 that’s right my dude!!!! He truly is my hero man. Shit was epic and amazing. His stuff still ahead as far as complexity goes. That’s all I ever wanted to be.

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  • 5w ago hotswat hotswat

    Doughnuts is crazy. Every track is saying goodbye.

  • 5w ago soems soems

    @hotswat swat I remember you hooked me up with the samples mix as well you was like yo..... this shit kinda crazy yo. It has a lot of stuff from the shining.

  • 5w ago soems soems

    @hotswat I went mad hard listening to the originals and trying to figure out what he’s saying.

  • 5w ago soems soems

    @hotswat one of the saddest ones was when I found the drum break to “over the breaks” from the shining. “does anybody know I’m here”.

  • 2w ago tkism tkism

    Deep 🙏🏽

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