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My one word for this year is: discipline

What I mean by this is adopting practices and postures that bring strength and joy.
I have been asking God to increase my capacity, but freaking out every time I feel the resistance to the stretching, like somehow I started to expect this path to be comfy and cozy. Craziness.
So here I am at the start of this New Year with one word - discipline. I want to be intentional about my practices, especially my spiritual practices, and begin to intentionally practice the ones that bring strength to my soul. I want to notice the postures of my heart as I move through my day and adjust my heart to open the door for joy.
I am not naturally good at self-discipline, but it feels like it is a moment of desperation where I need discipline if I am going to live out my calling as a wife, mom, sister & writer. I wrote a little bit more on my blog. 💜


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