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After you scroll through our scenic photos, you’ll get to the gems and crystals we “mined” for at Gems of Pala in San Diego, California. We love this place and even more so now that they offer $50 bags that come from the heart of the mine. You get to mine through 55 pounds of fresh blasted rubble in hopes of finding the best big gem. In our case, it was just sitting on top of our rubble. Bob helped us identify dozens of rocks and gems and ooohed and aaahed each time we presented him with another one. Though we’ve been a few times in the last 13 years, this was the best. We found the most this time than all our previous visits combined. People come from all over the world to “mine” the Stewart mine. It’s a 13 mile long tourmaline mine in San Diego. It’s the genuine deal. If you are within driving distance, I highly recommend you try this out. The thrill of searching and finding is addicting, so be careful!! We loved it so much, we bought a bag to take home. We’ll sift through it this week and keep the mineral rich mud/sand leftovers to nourish our garden. #pepperandpine #gemsofpala #homeschoolingmom #muslimfamily #homeschoolingfamily #mineralogy #rock #mining #gem #crystals #tourmaline #roadschooling #thingstodoinsandiego #thingstodowithkids #clouds #homeschooling #homeschoolscience #rocksandminerals #geology #waldorfinspired


  • 13w ago beanzbeblogging beanzbeblogging

    Gorgeous ma Sha Allah!

  • 13w ago harmony_pond harmony_pond

    @lifesforgottenessentials looks like something we should do with the kids next time I'm in town

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  • 13w ago ethnicgreenliving ethnicgreenliving

    Phenomenal 👏🏽 learning, Living and enjoying life at its finest 😍😘😘😘

  • 13w ago silkroadkeepsakes silkroadkeepsakes

    What a fab experience 💞😊🌿

  • 13w ago minimindfulmuslims minimindfulmuslims

    Wow! How cool

  • 13w ago kockojia kockojia

    U R lucky to have places like these all around u....I feel it very rich when u teach ur kids with real life the same time I feel barren here wh

  • 13w ago kockojia kockojia

    barren with the options

  • 13w ago allbookedupnow allbookedupnow

    Wow! You found some real “gems”! 😉

  • 13w ago projecthappyhome projecthappyhome

    Wow! Amazing.

  • 13w ago nutritionbynaz nutritionbynaz

    Omg this is SO cool!!!

  • 13w ago leavesofmytree leavesofmytree

    Wow!! What a cool experience!

  • 13w ago coachmeganwyatt coachmeganwyatt

    I never knew about this place! Need to plan a visit!!!

  • 13w ago avramnanan avramnanan

    Thank you for sharing. I'm planning a trip to San Diego this spring will definitely check this out

  • 13w ago dearly.emily dearly.emily

    I love this

  • 13w ago letslearnmama letslearnmama

    Only in America and here is my husband here watching all these Gold digging programmes 😂😂😂

  • 13w ago letslearnmama letslearnmama

    I need to send him there😂

  • 13w ago pepperandpine pepperandpine

    @evazaynab 😂😂

  • 13w ago nj.776 nj.776

    Looks like fun! And I love it when you take your kids on an educational trip and there are nice people like Bob to make the experience much more fun and informative! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • 13w ago pepperandpine pepperandpine

    @nj.776 yes!! Bob was great 👍

  • 13w ago ejwetzel ejwetzel

    The children and I would have loved to meet you there! Only a half hour drive for us!

  • 13w ago ummzaydmohammad ummzaydmohammad

    Woooowwww✨ MashaAllah tabarakAllah

  • 13w ago sweetpotatosunrise sweetpotatosunrise

    Was this a field trip or is Bob always there?

  • 13w ago pepperandpine pepperandpine

    @sweetpotatosunrise I hope Bob is always there. He made our visit memorable. This was a family trip. Bob works on the Stewart Mine.

  • 13w ago purpleroses996 purpleroses996

    SubhanAllah- gorgeous gems coming out of stone. Allah is the Best of Designers!

  • 13w ago teachermabid teachermabid

    How cool!!!!

  • 13w ago pepperandpine pepperandpine

    @empsalm28_7 awe!! Next time 🙌

  • 13w ago fresh_oml fresh_oml

    So pretty mashaallah. What are the long black sticks?

  • 13w ago appletreehomeschoolacademy appletreehomeschoolacademy

    Wow! Amazing!

  • 13w ago appletreehomeschoolacademy appletreehomeschoolacademy

    @projecthappyhome 😁😆 Look at my reply below. I promise I didn't see yours first. 🤣 Great minds think alike.

  • 13w ago pepperandpine pepperandpine

    @fresh_oml they are green tourmaline crystals.

  • 13w ago fresh_oml fresh_oml

    @pepperandpine subhanallah beautiful. I’ve never seen them in Australia

  • 13w ago projecthappyhome projecthappyhome

    @appletreehomeschoolacademy 😂

  • 13w ago sama_wareh sama_wareh

    Wow what a score!! Rock hounding is the to wire wrap some of those beauties🙏

  • 13w ago thetherapymama thetherapymama

    So cool!

  • 13w ago mohammed_abdulmuqtader mohammed_abdulmuqtader

    Hi, i have some crystals and garnets and tourmaline and rose quartz etc. Thats so cool, tourmaline of South America really valuable and come in color of Ruby.

  • 13w ago empowered_wellness1 empowered_wellness1

    Amazing!! What an opportunity

  • 13w ago ash20za ash20za

    Masha Allah, WOW! What an amazing experience, kids must have been extremely fascinated! The closest I got to getting hold of gemstones here in South Africa, was at the Curio shop@ Croc World, they sell per tin, was my luck was the last tin, they gave it for free, I've got them stuck on my bathroom mirror, you've just reminded me about the beauty of them, I need to take the rest out and put them on display! Mine are polished, doesn't even come close to the natural beauty of yours Masha Allah, thankyou for taking us with you on your experience 🌹🌹🌹

  • 13w ago jesses_girl3 jesses_girl3

    Wow this is incredible! We’re actually starting a mini unit in gems so this will be a perfect wrap up! Thanks for sharing!

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