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Not a fan of the new Supra y’all😕Toyota & BMW linked up on this one & had themselves an abortion. They both shoulda kept this one in their pants! Just my honest opinion, don’t hate me😂

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  • 13w ago druart_hugo08 druart_hugo08

    je préfère largement à l'ancienne supra. La nouvelle ne ressemble pas à une supra si vous voulez mon avis

  • 13w ago kippariii kippariii

    @pelllaw becouse 2jz is an old ass motor that will never pass emissions today (its still a very good motor) but toyota dont have right now an inline 6 engine and desinging one is really expensive, and it just happens to be that bmw has an inline six which is actually a great engine which can easily produce 700hp with couple bolt ons so why not use it?

  • 13w ago pelllaw pelllaw

    @kippariii at the very end it's all about the money. Slapping badges on something so it sell

  • 13w ago kosofee1 kosofee1


  • 13w ago zxtacy zxtacy

    @letty300zx it also happened with the Z32 300ZX when they introduced the 350Z. But after a while a new generation started liking the 350Z and now has its own fans.

  • 13w ago karamirez92 karamirez92

    @lv_fredo smdh 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • 13w ago lv_fredo lv_fredo

    @karamirez92 hate the rear end 😒

  • 13w ago karamirez92 karamirez92

    @lv_fredo it’s not even a Supra, it’s a Beamer with a Toyota badge lol

  • 13w ago lv_fredo lv_fredo

    @karamirez92 haha foreal bro😂

  • 13w ago bradford_spotted_cars bradford_spotted_cars

    Its basicly a german in japs clothing

  • 13w ago umabdulla_73 umabdulla_73


  • 13w ago n0t.the.american.average n0t.the.american.average

    It still lools good tho

  • 13w ago aurusclub aurusclub


  • 13w ago markturnerstrongmon markturnerstrongmon

    I agree not a supra at all hate it horrible car looks nothing like the concept z4 chasis z4 engine =fake supra bag of shit

  • 13w ago david.lewislaurent david.lewislaurent

    It's a modern styled car, no cars can compete with the looks of the 90's just like 90's can't compete with the 80's etc. I think the 90's Supra is waaaaay better looking, yours is sexy as fuck. But they kept the straight 6 so many other have abandoned, it's a nice looking car compared what some other companies did to they classics. And yeah it's not full manual but the tech in the car is better than any human could produce in a manual.
    I hate the look of the new NSX but Honda stayed true to what the NSX was all about, an incredibly fast well preforming car... They just skipped the affordable part :/

  • 13w ago _stubb_ _stubb_

    Bottom one is automotive perfection

  • 13w ago dakotaporter350z dakotaporter350z

    Im a fan honestly. I think once the aftermarket home into play it will look really good

  • 12w ago radenramadhan42 radenramadhan42

    Old supra 🔥🔥🔥

  • 12w ago nick.dreher nick.dreher

    You guys compare a Stock New Car with an old Modded i think it make more sense to compare a Stock old one with the Stock New one

  • 12w ago abu_nasra1 abu_nasra1


  • 12w ago roberttrevino8 roberttrevino8

    Not bad. Red not my color though.

  • 12w ago vehmic vehmic

    Nigguh, if they got an abortion then there wouldn’t be a Supra... I think you mean’t “abomination”.

  • 12w ago willyphysique willyphysique

    Old supras are just gonna go more up in value .

  • 12w ago remc0o remc0o

    Make a body kit for the mk5 so it gets the looks of an mk4. Moe performance parts will take over

  • 12w ago _jannick1609 _jannick1609

    Man this new bmw z4 looks a little weard but it reminds me of the supra mk4 somehow

  • 12w ago jaanbormeister jaanbormeister

    IT eaven looks more like BMW Z4 than supra 🤷🏼‍♂️ its like why bother to make this in a first place ?

  • 12w ago evasiveft86 evasiveft86

    @moesupra same its a disgrace 🗑🤦🏻‍♂️ you got the last Supra model ever made 🔥🎌👍🏻

  • 12w ago trumanpriest185 trumanpriest185

    I'm with you man. I don't hate the car I just think it'll go down in car history as one of the top 10 mistakes of the decade to give it the name Supra. They should have given it a new name made its own thing. Especially when they have the lc500 that they could have tweaked, lightened up de-luxury'd and put some supra-esque panels on and boom. I would have much preferred a toyota engine vs "straight six" bmw.

  • 12w ago mohammed_aridin_85 mohammed_aridin_85

    old is gold 🥇

  • 12w ago dylan_timal dylan_timal

    I can’t wait to swap with 2jz on the new Supra

  • 12w ago antonnugroho6775 antonnugroho6775

    New supra is ugly sport car!!😂😂

  • 12w ago 1jz_a70murphy 1jz_a70murphy

    Toyota should’ve built the car. The design isn’t bad.

  • 12w ago kylej.88 kylej.88

    Next to your supra most cars look like trash🤤🤤

  • 12w ago black_trgon_drifter black_trgon_drifter

    Old school is better but for rich people the new one is better for them. 😂😂

  • 11w ago wsr_photography wsr_photography

    what if you put a 2j in the new supra

  • 10w ago lunchbox1239 lunchbox1239

    Not a fan of the new bmw..

  • 6w ago phpicsphotography phpicsphotography

    I think in real live it looks even better 😉🚗

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