Instagram post by @deadletters Will Pendarvis 🔵


  • 5w ago szdrill szdrill

    Hey! Who gave you the green light to go ahead with this? Oh, I see what you did there.

  • 5w ago z3r0_sg z3r0_sg

    Evil goat farts

  • 5w ago justinbrunacini justinbrunacini

    That's deep

  • 5w ago kcwelchart kcwelchart

    This is such a beautiful photograph… I thought it was a paining at first… A path leading to some kind of green mothership connection lighthouse… Turn on your heart light Neil diamond… ET kind of shit… Going to eat some Reese‘s pieces… And phone home🌈❤️💀

  • 5w ago alexander.demarco alexander.demarco

    @kcwelchart whatever you swallowed or smoked, I want some.

  • 5w ago 1s7b1 1s7b1

    Will show us your saab! What is it 900 or what?

  • 4w ago coldrolled_icecream coldrolled_icecream

    Hey great stuff! Stop by sometime if you're around!

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