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Yesterday was one of our worst homeschooling days ever. We got plenty of work checked off but it was overall just not a good day. I was checking off lessons but we all felt miserable. I know that these “checking boxes” days are NOT what my son needs. He consistently scores in the 99th percentile on his testing and gets bored with his repetitive lessons and I have been waffling on how to best help him. Most days we follow our cyber-school’s plan but more and more I have been aware that their plan just isn’t working for him. This is terrifying. I like checking off boxes. I like having other teachers tell me my son is on track (and where he needs to practice more). But yesterday was like the straw that broke the camel’s back. I can’t do this anymore.
Today we went to the library and Eli picked out a bunch of books that interest him. We went to the grocery store and Eli got to use the scanner. We ate lunch, we worked on schoolwork, he jumped on the trampoline and worked on making up his character in his imaginary game. In a few minutes we will leave to go pick up Josiah at his school and he and I will read quietly in car line.
Here is my takeaway for today - You can trust yourself to make good decisions for your kids. You can change your mind about what is the best decision for your kid. It does not have to be perfect to be effective.

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  • 10w ago jdilger jdilger

    Sorry you’re struggling. 💕 You can trust yourself to make good decisions for your kids and you can change to something else when that’s what’s called for. So wise... Our kids aren’t static beings (nor are we) and bring flexible to change will help them to thrive. Recognizing that and acknowledging it means you are doing a great job. 💕

  • 10w ago chrisjohnson3369 chrisjohnson3369

    If you ever want to talk about homeschooling let me know. We did lots of non-traditional stuff to meet our kids needs and I am happy to encourage you to trust yourself about meeting your kids needs.

  • 10w ago crnnoel crnnoel

    Yes you can, and you and your child will be better for it 💓

  • 10w ago faithraider faithraider

    @crnnoel you are such an inspiration to me in this area.

  • 10w ago crnnoel crnnoel

    @faithraider if you ever want to chat, i'm all ears! 💓

  • 10w ago faithraider faithraider

    @jdilger thank you for than encouragement!! I feel like I can never hear “you are doing a good job” enough ❤️

  • 10w ago faithraider faithraider

    @chrisjohnson3369 thank you!! That would honestly be so great. Maybe we could grab coffee sometime?

  • 10w ago anjelica.maxwell anjelica.maxwell

    Yes, that is definitely something to remember! Also, I love your beanie. :) Such a great color on you!

  • 10w ago faithraider faithraider

    @anjelica.maxwell thank you! My mom made it (of course).

  • 10w ago carisantillan carisantillan

    Oh girl. Preach. We’ve done the check boxes off the list online school version of homeschooling. It didn’t last long and was my boys’ least favorite way. Trust yourself and your process and God in all things homeschooling. It is well. ❤️

  • 10w ago chrisjohnson3369 chrisjohnson3369

    @faithraider I work 1-5 everyday next week, so anytime other than that is great.

  • 10w ago christianne_bookwifery christianne_bookwifery

    You’re such a smart mama. (And so is your boy, clearly!)

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