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That’s all you use to hear picked off by Samuel. Thanks Vrabel and @tedybruschi stop following me I’m not pitching you the ball. Show out @patriots #pick6 #hof


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  • 14w ago __kxndall __kxndall

    @lor.lijahii8 we gonna see dis sunday

  • 14w ago __kxndall __kxndall

    @lor.lijahii8 we gonna see dis sunday

  • 14w ago lor.lijahii8 lor.lijahii8

    @__kxndall say less

  • 14w ago ser_jaredofkingslanding ser_jaredofkingslanding

    @tedybruschi should’ve pitched it🤷🏼‍♂️ there was gonna be 6 points on the board if he did

  • 14w ago jgr8yy jgr8yy

    GOATTT!! My boy Stephon is gonna reenact this Sunday😤😈🔥 @mr_picksix

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  • 14w ago themack_617 themack_617

    Miss these days 🙏🏾

  • 14w ago yung_av yung_av

    Samuel you were a beast Miss seeing you in that Pats jersey 💯💯

  • 14w ago mr_statement89 mr_statement89

    Lauderdale lakes ,BOYD ANDERSON HIGH SCHOOL💯

  • 14w ago eltonpatterson eltonpatterson

    My guy!! 👏👏

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  • 14w ago lorenzopineda_ lorenzopineda_

    Best patriot corner hands down pick 6

  • 14w ago bleattler bleattler

    @crockett_cataloni they arnt too far apart

  • 14w ago crockett_cataloni crockett_cataloni

    @bleattler well as cover corners maybe but what Woodson did against the run as well Asante could never do and I fuck with Asante hard I loved him growing up but Woodson is just different.

  • 14w ago bleattler bleattler

    @crockett_cataloni deion was soft against the run too. But Woodsons physicality helped when Green Bay moves him to safety

  • 14w ago crockett_cataloni crockett_cataloni

    @bleattler i agree, I just think Woodson is the more complete defensive player but Asante had a stretch of time where he was as good as any corner I’d ever seen

  • 14w ago stadium_barbershop stadium_barbershop

    @crockett_cataloni @bleattler I'd rather have my CB be a ballhawk over tackling...not too often u get both

  • 14w ago eddiehenryy eddiehenryy

    HOF 🏆

  • 14w ago crockett_cataloni crockett_cataloni

    @stadium_barbershop exactly and Woodson was both. Heisman winner and won defensive player of the year in 09. 9 ints 3 defensive Touchdowns, 4 forced fumbles. Asante did have a 10 pic year but never anything like that.

  • 14w ago deaubreydevine deaubreydevine

    Take it from him....he don't want it!😂

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    You dat maaan real talk OG!

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  • 14w ago obreezyfosheezy obreezyfosheezy

    You really love yourself alot

  • 14w ago mr_picksix mr_picksix

    @obreezyfosheezy you would love yourself a lot if you was great 😉

  • 14w ago obreezyfosheezy obreezyfosheezy

    @mr_picksix your right. I love you too haha

  • 14w ago skeeter_jen skeeter_jen

    I love him too! He's my favorite.

  • 14w ago mr_picksix mr_picksix

    @mzkalon 😜😜😜

  • 14w ago wayneonem1996 wayneonem1996

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  • 14w ago 416xside 416xside

    @mr_picksix Damn Asante if you only you had held on to that ball that you almost picked off manning the play before the tyree catch.. you would’ve sealed that game, I’m sure you still remember that shit.. I still have nightmares of that moment.. but only god knows why stuff happens, you’re still one of my fav patriots

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    The ref 😂😭

  • 13w ago odot_est95 odot_est95

    We missed more of your work on Sunday #birdgang

  • 11w ago brevanmoneyhowndz brevanmoneyhowndz

    Maaan bro I miss your ass remember all the great games you had as player but most of all on New England man!!! Straight savage at that position!!

  • 10w ago olano_88 olano_88

    Tough int

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