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Hands up who agrees Cadbury has RUINED the Roses box of chocolates? They’ve been a staple for nearly 40 years in my life but I will never buy them again! #roseschocolatesaredeadtome @cadburyaust #bringbackoriginalroses


  • 5w ago mrshotker mrshotker

    Hole heartily agree!!

  • 5w ago eleisehale eleisehale


  • 5w ago missfrenchie26 missfrenchie26

    🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️ I only like two of them!

  • 5w ago kristie_lovetheeveryday kristie_lovetheeveryday

    I haven’t seen them...might have to buy some to try...🤣

  • 5w ago tatum_woodroffe tatum_woodroffe

    Ummm....the hazelnut whirl seems to be missing it's whole hazelnut 😲

  • 5w ago twistofcait twistofcait


  • 5w ago myclothesraq myclothesraq

    Oh Mum has been going on about this for ages! She is devo!

  • 5w ago littlebillyboy littlebillyboy

    Same here! They have been absolutely ruined. Never again.

  • 5w ago champagnesilvousplait_ champagnesilvousplait_

    We got a box as a Christmas gift 🤢

  • 5w ago theummum theummum

    Basically ruined Christmas! Who eats the fudge ones??? Come on!!! What drongo decided... we will just only put in all the crap ones and “pretty it up” with stupid new wrappings. Shame.... shame!!!! 🤣🙌🏻🙌🏻

  • 5w ago leanne_gentile leanne_gentile

    Agree 100% totally ruined. Will never buy another box.

  • 4w ago beingserenastar beingserenastar

    Yep! Disgusting!

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