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Lately Alice has been sneaking into her bedroom alone and shutting the door behind her. Every time we go in to find her cuddled in her armchair with a pile of books on her lap, reading quietly to herself. Her current favorite is Where's Spot, but tonight she dug into some heavier stuff.


  • 1w ago sjipeach sjipeach

    Wow, that's some precocious kid you have there! Do you think she's ready for "Pride and Prejudice"? Or maybe she wants to first go through American authors before heading for the Brits.

  • 1w ago paoloplayswithknives paoloplayswithknives

    I figure she’ll be ready for Uncle Toms Cabin after To Kill a Mockingbird

  • 1w ago marcheesmo marcheesmo

    ❤️❤️❤️ I love her for that!

  • 1w ago lnolaugh lnolaugh


  • 1w ago louisalorin louisalorin

    @sjipeach I've got some Vonnegut and Salinger lined up for her next. I need her versed in the favorite authors of all the wanna be misanthropes in her future dating life so she knows what she's dealing with.

  • 1w ago sjipeach sjipeach

    You've definitely picked the right authors for her, then. Way to think ahead, mama.

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