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Back in London! Took that photo on the ferry from Nanaimo British Columbia. Look at the water. Look at the healing. 3 1/2 weeks feels like years to me right now. It truly does. So much transformation happened over the past few weeks. Transformation. Reconciliation. Farewells. Forgivings. New Beginnings. & very difficult conversations. All of which has produced a deeper understanding & recommitment to personal integrity within me.
What’s happens to personal integrity when it entangles with fear, pride, trauma, anger, shame, accountability, sadness and disillusionment? How to honestly recognize when the entanglement is occurring & learn oneself from that observation.
The new year excites me particularly because every time I think I am full to the brim with whatever is filling me up, life lessons show me that there is so much room for LIFE in my body. That these hard lessons are exactly the fabric, the texture, the quality, the adventure of this experience, including the excruciating parts. Including my missteps. Including rejections. Including celebrations. Including doubt. Including confidence. Including excitement. Including indiscipline. Embodying a deeper version of ourselves each morning, noon & nite.
Happy New Year Village. I can never thank you enough for your wisdom & guidance that you share with me as I grow.
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