Instagram post by @justinwolferyoga Justin Wolfer

During last year’s trip to Amorgos we found out that the island has more goat inhabitants then people. I reckon as the world wide human population grows at such a rate places like this will be more and more rare.
Something that stands out to me from our island tour was seeing a local goat herder half a sleep on the side of the road with a joint in his mouth. He seemed pretty happy surrounded by goats with no humans around. He probably doesn’t worry about the same things I do. Less responsibilities, more down time, simpler choices. The thing is that I can chose to hold the belief that my responsibilities and my complicated life are burdensome or I can chose to see them as pieces of a puzzle that I use to explore my highest values.
This relates to my post yesterday about taking “yoga selfies” or creating content for yourself or your business. My intent is not to suggest what to do with your life or to take some moral high ground. Merely to share my own experience that if it feels like a burden it’s worth investigating what your motives are for doing it in the first place. That passed out goat herder who’s joint is about to burn his mouth may be miserable because he thinks his life never amounted to anything or he may be Buddha reincarnate absorbed in complete bliss.
Oh by the way we are heading back to the Greek Island Amorgos April 22-29 for an extraordinary week of yoga, Mobility, Chi Kung, meditation, hiking, swimming and exploration. World class food and accommodations provided by the @aegialis_hotel_spa You should come! Let me know if you’d like more information.


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