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MARRY YOURSELF FIRST... In the last year I somehow lost the connection to myself. I was focused on everything else around me, and in all that looking outwards & in all that doing, I lost connection to myself & my needs for health & balance.

A big disruption happened towards the end of last year that took the ground from under my feet and left me falling in free fall. It took this intense & painful experience for me to see what I'd lost - myself.

There is a book in German whose title translates to Marry Yourself First. If we're not connected to our own needs and desires, if we don't build up that lifelong relationship with us, then I don't believe we can truly love or give to another. We're just reacting.

I took this photo before taking myself out on my first solo date of the year. It was a beautiful, lavish, rich experience that I thoroughly enjoyed. I look forward to making many more ❤️


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