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I spent the last two years in trauma therapy. It's the hardest work I've ever done—and I'm not finished.⁣

The therapy requires me to be mindful of what I do throughout the day, the emotional situations that occur, how I react to those, and where I feel those reactions in my body.⁣

To manage the anxiety and depression that flows through that process, I started journaling again.⁣

For me, journaling and tracking are the only ways I can make sure I'm making good decisions—and to recognize patterns as they emerge.⁣

I set aside 30 minutes each day to meditate, contemplate, and write. ⁣

How do you manage your patterns? How do you make sure you are living a deliberate, healthy life? ⁣

*I added this to my other tracking: financial and professional tasks with my Franklin Planner; food tracking with MyFitness Pal; and writing with my pocket notebook!⁣

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  • 1w ago wheatrick wheatrick

    daily gratitude list on a sober group text thread✌️

  • 1w ago thebradking thebradking

    @wheatrick technology isn't always a dumpster 🔥!!

  • 1w ago debrobison debrobison

    I started meditation a year ago and that really helped me a lot. I also went to trauma group therapy and we started off with a meditation and I always seemed a little lighter on those evenings when I got home. Lighter in a good way!

  • 1w ago thebradking thebradking

    @debrobison can lighter be in a bad way? 😂🤗 Glad you found a place to do the work you needed!

  • 1w ago wildohiomama wildohiomama

    I started yoga and meditation about a year ago and it’s been life-altering. In fact, I’m so passionate about it that I am starting teacher training this weekend!

  • 1w ago thebradking thebradking

    @wildohiomama I'm glad. I know what anxiety did to you. You're still going to owe me either a letter or a Skype!

  • 1w ago wildohiomama wildohiomama

    @thebradking of course

  • 1w ago thebradking thebradking

    @wildohiomama well hit me up. Let's figure it out.

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