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We start back up with our homeschooling today. To kick it off, I made homemade granola. I haven’t made this in years! As I was making it, I was remembering what I needed. It’s not a recipe, but here’s what’s in it: Oatmeal, raisins, honey, cinnamon, coconut oil, sliced almonds, almond flour. I baked it for 10-15 minutes at 350. To keep the raisins from becoming rock hard, avoid cooking them. Just toss them in afterwards. I topped mine over a layer of chia seed “pudding”, bananas, and yogurt. Then I topped it all with fresh raspberries I picked up from our local ethnic foods market yesterday. What special thing do you have planned today to make the transition back into homeschool easier?
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  • 14w ago annamayaz annamayaz

    Just woke up extra early to have more quiet time sipping on coffee. Weather permitting we will go for an afternoon bike ride by the river. (Looking forward to trying your granola recipe)

  • 14w ago thislifeofours6 thislifeofours6


  • 14w ago haniyabaniya haniyabaniya

    Your videos are such a treat for them! It’s a wonderful chance for them to work together ( pausing and restarting the video over and over and over ) plus it gives me a chance to get the rest of their lessons for the day ready in peace! The letter b and the story of Musa is how we are transitioning back into homeschool ❤️

  • 14w ago mommie.kate mommie.kate

    Oh yummy 😋. I’ll have to try

  • 14w ago esmeralda_jennings esmeralda_jennings

    I just did our outing extended yesterday. So we could stay home today. And I made sure we worked on a Craft that he would have loved (Tropical Rain Forest). And he did! He had such a happy smile. He said he wanted to stare at it forever! LOL!

  • 14w ago julias_at_home julias_at_home

    That looks so yummy! We made biscuits today to have with our lunch. 😁 It's been a while since I made chia seed pudding... putting that on my list for next week!

  • 14w ago bintejawaid bintejawaid

    We made slime!

  • 14w ago gabies.creations gabies.creations

    That looks delicious 🤤

  • 14w ago letslearnmama letslearnmama

    That looks lovely - I actually have all the ingredients to make one too

  • 14w ago neveridle4 neveridle4

    That looks amazing! We're easing into a humans and animals block with a class at the aquarium midweek to help break things up.

  • 14w ago goodtreehomeschool goodtreehomeschool

    started nice and slow... :D

  • 14w ago twentynine58 twentynine58

    I woke up at 6am and ate the oatmeal I made the night before. I had 2 glasses of water and hit the treadmill. If the rest of the day was bust, at least I had some self-care.

  • 14w ago suzannemikula suzannemikula

    Yum, I just made homemade granola a few days ago and it was the best Granola in the world! 😀😋

  • 14w ago rainbows_and_wellies rainbows_and_wellies

    We make our own granola and so I made a batch ready for our first day back. Ours is made from rolled oats, chopped mixed nuts, dessicated coconut, cinnamon, egg white, olive oil and maple syrup. I toss in the dried cranberries and citrus peel once it's been baked and cooled. Yours looks and sounds great!

  • 14w ago mistyodonnell mistyodonnell

    Today we ventured out to a cute little town in the mountains nearby to buy the next book in the series my daughter is reading. It was amazing how quickly she got through Language Arts when we got home so she could spend the evening reading!

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