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Just landed in Toronto. Before the flight this morning, my friends took me for breakfast in the neighboring community of Steer Town. Home cooked meal from the shop at the intersection of the road, where the community opens. Food cooked and shop owned by the elder you are preparing the ackees. His shop opens tat 5am and is cheap for the workers.
And the conversation I walked into? Working through some tension between a man and his lover. Once I got there the conversation slowly changed. I wondered about what impact the presence of a womxn had on this very intimate man to man reasoning session. Then they allowed me to be in space. In fact they welcomed me into the space and immediately assumed (as people do when I travel) that I live in England. This was the first time that assumption was correct and I smiled.
I love you Jamaica. The healing and clarity that I was looking for when I ran into your arms last week, is exactly what you gave to me and more. For that I am so deeply grateful. Thank you mountains. Thank you Treasures. Thank you cornershop. Thank you to the Burey massive. Thank you to all the waters. I was able to get a good handle and plan on my PhD applications and yesterday we shot a video in the community talking about the childhood experience of a little girl being sexually abused.
It was a necessary art experience, given the devastating and revolutionary holiday family gathering that sent me to Jamaica in the first place. More to come on the video. For now, good evening Toronto. And to the immigration officer who stopped me in my tracks, ‘you are so stunningly beautiful, that is why I couldnt contain myself during the interview. I considered whether or not to say something but from the look in your eyes, I could tell you already knew that.’ Some things are better left alone 🤣 like hitting on fine Black border police.
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