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Call Of Duty and sketching. #soem #soems #ps4 #playstation #graffiti #tags #sketches “M” #m #love #beautiful


  • 6w ago aware617 aware617

    Damn b. I had to flip upside down for W inspiration lol 🔥🔥🔥

  • 6w ago soems soems

    @aware617 lmao!!!

  • 6w ago bloved_one bloved_one

    Good combo lol

  • 6w ago edmundamore edmundamore

    Bruh get rekt in street fighter let's go

  • 6w ago soems soems

    @edmundamore I can’t even front I need to practice a lil to spar with you but watch ima get back to it and get nice again. What you think about the 30th anniversary?

  • 6w ago soems soems

    @edmundamore 3rd strike has been tampered with. You can feel it in the controls. Not like the original. But was fun and nostalgic.

  • 6w ago doctorlo doctorlo


  • 6w ago edmundamore edmundamore

    @soems I didnt fuck with 30th at all. I heard it feels mad different. I stick with 5. Play a little 4 on the side. But I have a squad of online homies that play all the time, high ranks that have molded noobs into beasts. Cop the game and run the hands. It's nothing but laughs and good times. Merk stays putting the zangief squeeze on everybody that rolls thru.

  • 6w ago soems soems

    @edmundamore I’ll be there soon. I’ve got 5. I’m gonna practice up and play you.

  • 6w ago edmundamore edmundamore

    @soems who you playing as?

  • 6w ago kred8ter kred8ter


  • 6w ago behrinks_818 behrinks_818

    Crispy 🤙🏽

  • 6w ago channel_the_infinite channel_the_infinite

    I like that line weight and those super dynamic angles too

  • 6w ago ashleywolly ashleywolly

    Stopping by to send love! 🙏🏼 I hate that this algorithm makes people not pop up in my feed anymore.

  • 6w ago soems soems

    @ashleywolly yo!!!!! Ashley!!!! It’s been a minute!!! I hear you the new system on here pretty wonky.

  • 6w ago sharks127 sharks127

    Cue; Rhythm Sticks.

  • 6w ago nguyencoffeesupply nguyencoffeesupply

    Master 🙌

  • 6w ago dustwardprez dustwardprez

    I like to draw or paint in the dark

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