Instagram post by @joettamaue Joetta Maue

Last chance to see my #soloshow @goggleworks . #goseeart


  • 2w ago caroleloeffler caroleloeffler

    Traveled out to see it yesterday with @kgprofitt and @mworrellart and LOVED the work! My fave was the white text on white! ♥️ so glad I finally got to see your work in person!

  • 2w ago j2sparks j2sparks

    Wish I could. 💕

  • 2w ago kgprofitt kgprofitt

    @caroleloeffler yes! It was awesome!!!

  • 2w ago joettamaue joettamaue

    @caroleloeffler oh yay!! Thank you so much for making the trip. The building is so amazing. I too am addicted to the white on white text...I'm just always searching for the correct relationships to make it work. Would love to have changed some of the install but overall quite pleased.

  • 2w ago joettamaue joettamaue

    @kgprofitt yay! Thank you so much for trekking out!

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