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Heading back twice in the coming days & weeks to Coast Salish Territories, with offerings in Nanaimo, Victoria & Vancouver. It feels like a mini tour out there with 7 engagements between Jan 7-20, 2019. I hope to see you at one of them :) The Anitafrika Method is a critical-creative autoethnographic praxis developed by D’bi Young Anitafrika. Inspired by the foundational work of Dub poets Anita Stewart and ahdri zhina mandiela, the method emerged from D’bi Young Anitafrika’s diaspora experiences and analyses of Jamaica’s socio-political Dub culture (music, poetry and popular theatre); informed by decolonial queer Black feminisms, intersectionality, pan-Africanisms and Black diaspora spiritualities. The method is a critical pedagogical approach to performance training, devising and self-development that provides the practitioner — particularly those who identify as Womxn and BIQTPOC (Black, Indigenous, Queer, Trans, People of Colour) — with tools to navigate the entanglement of gender, race, class, sexuality and ability; thereby enabling a reflexive social justice framework in art making. The method's nine foundational principles form the acronym S.P.O.L.R.U.S.I.E, representing Self-knowledge, Politics, Orality, Language, Rhythm, Urgency, Sacredness, Integrity and Experience balanced by nine bodies: Beyond Body, Spiritual, Mental, Community, Emotional, Economic, Creative, Physical and Earth Body. Workshop exercises comprise of physicalising, vocalising, writing, dialoguing, meditating, reflecting, introspecting, critically analysing and devising. Over the course of the workshop practitioners reflect upon their own lived experience, as a catalyst to creating new work, using the Anitafrika Method as guide.
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