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Sitting in the Sun-Shade working on my PhD applications. How long can I stretch this moment? The Sun keeps creeping in...inching me more & more back into the flat...the flat is perched in hill overlooking Claremont & long can I stretch this moment...I really enjoy solitude & I really enjoy being enraptured in the company of others & I enjoy a great adventure...I am reminding myself though that focus right here is what I need right long can I make this last...this is actually the adventure in progress... #getoffofinstagram&;doyourphdresearch


  • 2w ago anne_louise_fortune anne_louise_fortune

    See you're making good use of the ASC's tabbing things!

  • 2w ago dbiyounganitafrika dbiyounganitafrika

    @anne_louise_fortune I most certainly am ... lol now I have toooo many to keep up. Can’t wait to be back in London & back at school

  • 2w ago msdorita msdorita

    Wow 😍❤️❤️

  • 2w ago anne_louise_fortune anne_louise_fortune

    @dbiyounganitafrika I've just got back today - now to work on my essays!

  • 2w ago kayjunn kayjunn

    Academic writing in the sun and heat...a different type of process lol! Solidarity ✊🏾🖤

  • 2w ago jitsvinger jitsvinger

    Damn I almost jumped out my seat when I saw you’re in Claremont @dbiyounganitafrika but it’s not in Cape Town 😖😣

  • 2w ago dbiyounganitafrika dbiyounganitafrika

    @jitsvinger it’s been a long time old friend. Can you believe it? I am in the process of talking about how I’ve learnt and shared what I have over the past 20 years and you know my time in Cape Town is essential to that. I am in JA but my heart is traveling all our lands. Sending big poet love Jitsvinger ♥️♥️♥️

  • 2w ago jitsvinger jitsvinger

    @dbiyounganitafrika aaww sweet sis! You must have one big ass traveling bag 💼 😝 👌🏽

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