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I have a dark and a deep side to me. I used to think that meant that there was something wrong with me. Like I was broken or like my brain wasn’t working properly.

I couldn’t understand why I thought differently than my friends—I always saw the dark side of things. I thought deeply about hard stuff—eternity, death, suffering...I dwelled, and still do dwell, on these topics.

I started to believe that I was just a pessimist with critical nature and that I needed to shove down my deep thoughts. Get over them—don’t think about them, don’t talk about them. But God is doing a redemptive work in my heart. He is showing me that though I see and feel dark things and deep thoughts, it does not mean that I am defined by or to be stuck in hopelessness and despair.

In fact, God is singing over me the exact opposite. I am learning that it is because I see and think and feel these things, that I can speak INTO and OVER them. Because I can’t help but see the darkness and its power, because I can’t help but think about those that suffer—I can call these things to attention...drown them out with love and light and truth. I can help to call others out of their deep thoughts and dark places.

Everyday I draw breath into my lungs is another day where I must choose to believe that God made me this way for a reason.

I am not broken, I am not too deep to be understood, I am not too dark to be a light, I am not too observant or weak or any other bad name that I’ve given to myself. I am learning to love me for who I am—to no longer dismiss the intrusive thoughts, the uncharted questions, the tough topics, the uncomfortable conversations, the paradoxes, and the pain in life.

Jesus walked in these tensions. He was filled with Kingdom purpose...but He was also filled with carnal pain. That paradox was His place of mission—why and what He came to reconcile. On earth, as it is in Heaven.

There is hope to be lit up in every God-forsaken corner of this dark world. And that will only happen if we’ve the eyes and fearless hearts to see it.
I love who I am—and I love who I am in HIM. #weareunveiled
words by @rachelmariekang


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