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Failure is the key.

If I can give you one piece of advice to succeed, it's the following one: Fail, miss, lose. Yes you read me well. Failure is salvating. If you succeed in everything you try it means you are not taking enough risks. You play it too safe. I learned a lot more in my defeats than in my victories. And I owe a lot to all the people who told me no or who refused to help me. They allowed me to learn how to manage and find solutions by myself. Avoid shortcuts and take the longest path, the one strewn with pitfalls. This is where you can acquire the knowledge and experience that will serve you once at the top. Of course sometimes we have no choice, education and the lifestyle makes the path is easy, the path is all drawn. Again, do not feel guilty about being what you are, a privileged person. Take the time to look at what's happening "downstairs" and stay connected to their reality. If you have heart you'll be accepted in all social circles. And remember if you learn from defeat you haven't really lost.


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  • 5w ago kpilisword kpilisword

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  • 5w ago vodkar2 vodkar2

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  • 4w ago matt_facciuolo matt_facciuolo

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  • 3w ago kid_sardinha kid_sardinha

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  • 3w ago geraldoeusta geraldoeusta

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  • 3w ago otkrovenno_krd otkrovenno_krd

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  • 3w ago jemayelsy jemayelsy

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  • 3w ago osni_goncalves_mendes osni_goncalves_mendes

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