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The word ‘storyteller’ might get bandied about a lot these days, especially by agencies such as ours. But because #MO4 has media (@cairoscene @elfaslaonline @scenenoise @scenearabia @thecairozoom @startupsceneme) right at the core of what we do - because we started life not as an agency at all but as a group of writers publishing content that excited us across the early incarnations of our online magazines - storytelling really is in our DNA. So as we have expanded from four siblings sat in a living room to over 200 incredible talents, that passion for extraordinary tales still drives everything we do and seeps into every #MO4Misfit’s mindset, no matter their role or title (not that we’re all that fussed about titles). And just as we daily tell the stories of the people, places - and yes brands - shaping Egypt and the Middle East, our own story is one that we are careful to craft every day. So just when you think you’ve got us pegged, a brand new story is often just beginning. Stay tuned...


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