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One of the most incredible things about our team of #MO4Misfits is the sheer diversity. A glorious hodgepodge of personalities, backgrounds, creative ideals and contexts. It’s that magnificent mix that allows us to - completely in-house - create and produce such breadth and depth of diversified content. It allows the same company that produces gritty cutting-edge raw and real journalistic fueled storytelling (see previous post ft the trailer to our rap documentary series) to also deliver this picture-perfect and perfectly polished video for the #FourSeasons @fourseasons @fscairofr - one of the world’s most luxurious brands and one that demands the highest standards of daily digital content. Just like the tag line on this video says, when it comes to our #MO4Misfits there is craft in every art, and art in every craft. #MO4Magic


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