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I made some Bedtime Care Packages for my nieces, @bryyannag + @sarah.daviies, which included a handmade lavender sachet, bedtime herbal tea and mag phos tissue salt. If you'd like to make your own for your loved ones, here's what I did:

Lavender Sachet:
Cut 2 pieces of fabric, 4.5"x10" and sew inside out with a double seam around 2 long edges and one short edge.
Fill with 1/2 cup each dried lavender flowers, flax seeds and dried beans or lentils (you can use any beans, legumes or seeds you have on hand). Handstich the end closed.

Bedtime Tea:
Mix equal parts of dried chamomile flowers, oat straw, lemon balm and passion flower. I included standard directions for an infusion.

Mag Phos 6X:
This tissue salt was included to be taken before bed each night to promote a restful sleep.

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