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In 2019, #jazzercise is celebrating our golden anniversary! But today, we’re celebrating a decade of rocking classes with @rachelhinze! In her own words, here’s what 10 years as a #jazzerciseinstructor has meant to her:
“I started Jazzercise after being handed a card for a free class at the Oregon Trail Days Parade and within a month was getting ready for workshop. It was, in all honesty, the absolute worst time to add one more thing to my life, but completely saved my sanity. Jazzercise has brought some of my best friends and some of the neatest people into my life, it has helped me walk beside in a healthy way a lifelong battle with anxiety, eating disorder and body dysmorphia, it has allowed me an outlet for everyday (and then some) stress and I joke that not everyone gets Judi for a dance instructor (but they can!). I would make the choice to become a franchisee over and over again! On a fun note, there were only four passing auditionees at my workshop and @Rachel_gene and I ended up being two of them! Little did we know that we’d both end up in Lincoln teaching together!”
We’re so glad you landed here at #jazzerciselincolnnorth, Rachel! If you aren’t able to party with her at #musclemixx today, drop a note in the comments to wish her well! #est1969 #2009to2019 #bestversionofyou

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