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Repost from @rednugent - PICKUP ROSANNA VICTORIA ONLY

The frame is a 1973 XS650 frame from what I was told, was hardtailed many many many years ago and is NOT COMPLIANT. I am just a wild man and I am totally okay with riding a bike with illegal modifications. Has Harley Davidson neck cups in the tube, so you can run a HD front end with Harley bearings and people can come up and think it’s a sporty before their face curls into a strong grimace up;on realising that there is a cool bike that isn't a Harley and they walk away wearing their HD jacket and HD helmet and HD gloves. Comes with the sissy and rear fender to stop you from getting sissys all over your sick chopper. There is a theme of having old cool 70's style holes all over the bike, near the neck, in the fender, on the rear drum, it's actually kinda rad and done really well. Rear wheel has two broken spokes, which I thought really added an element of danger to the whole bike. Controls are HD dyna forward controls that have been custom fabricated to the bike. I never had the chance to get this bike on the road, which is very, very unfortunate for every single female in the vicinity of this bike. There is no front end included. Just frame/sissy/fender combo.
SELLING FRAME FOR $550 or nearest reasonable offer.
Also getting rid of Zombie performance T bars. They came with the bike and are spaced for a HD. A quick polish of the stainless will get you a nasty good set of bars and the cops won’t hassle you at all, ever. $140.
Two old crusty MAX-KING headlights. I bought these like two years ago, in the photo they looked real nice and great. They are crusty, make no mistake. $100
KLEIN XS650 Carbs. These work so fucking good, you’d think that some magical shaman made them during an Iowaska ritual. They need a clean but are in good condition. Comes with two sets of filters, the throttle cable and some self satisfaction. $250.
All items are listed elsewhere.


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