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More hospital food, from several meals. They include a lot of vegetables, including sea vegetables, as well as konnyaku. All that fiber does keep one regular. 😅 How many things can you identify? Also, can you guess which one I found really inedible?


  • 9w ago makiwi makiwi

    #Japan #hospital #hospitalfood #washoku

  • 9w ago idontlikechocolatebrownies idontlikechocolatebrownies

    Hmm compared to what we get here in Germany it all looks fairly good, so I have no idea which one was the awful one.. I also have absolutely no idea what the triangular things on the first picture are. Looks a little like mochi, but I really don't know. Also, what's in the little bags?

  • 9w ago makiwi makiwi

    @idontlikechocolatebrownies The plastic packets have umeboshi paste and reduced-salt soy sauce in them.

  • 9w ago idontlikechocolatebrownies idontlikechocolatebrownies

    @makiwi Reduced-salt soy sauce sounds healthy 😂

  • 9w ago sactojazzlover sactojazzlover

    The whole fishes?🤔

  • 8w ago charly_morgner charly_morgner

    These triangular sponge things?

  • 8w ago bunster10 bunster10

    Hope you're feeling better!

  • 8w ago madmanslitany madmanslitany

    Ah, if we'd had this in the American hospital my mom was in we'd probably never have gotten her to leave..she used to work for a Japanese company in Taiwan so she likes Japanese cuisine.

  • 8w ago lendicken lendicken

    The fishes!

  • 8w ago amanda77kr amanda77kr

    Oh my I don’t know what half those things are. What are the triangular things in the first picture? I feel like smell is important to appeal...which one did you not like?

  • 8w ago botanicalvida botanicalvida

    Is first pic a dessert?🤔 Feel better.

  • 8w ago britishrobyns britishrobyns

    Thank you for posting your meals. It’s very interesting especially as someone who works in health care. Feel better soon.

  • 8w ago peridot_lynx peridot_lynx

    I can’t guess... though the triangular things in the first photo look pretty interesting. What is the green stuff on there? By and large it still looks better than the Korean hospital food I had!

  • 8w ago sakurete sakurete

    All the meals look good for me. But what are the white triangles?

  • 8w ago uranium92 uranium92

    Very interesting post!

  • 8w ago makiwi makiwi

    The triangle things are hanpen (fluffy fish cakes). They are coated with aonori and... I couldn’t figure out what the yellow stuff was, even after tasting it. The hanpen were the one dish I found too terrible to eat. 😖 I like hanpen usually, but these were just dried out and horrible, like fish flavored kitchen sponges.

  • 8w ago bisrosanna bisrosanna

    I like the little plastic dishes....😜

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