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Happy Holidays Ruen’d Brothers and Sisters!
We wanted to thank you so much for all your love and support this year. It really means a lot to us...
Here’s a little something from our sleigh out at Ramseur Manor; a one take acoustic version of our song ‘All My Shades Of Blue’ recorded to tape. Follow the link in our bio, sign up for the mailing list, and the track is instantly yours.
We’ve got a lot of exciting stuff coming in the new year and we wish you all the best for it!
See you in 2019!
Henry and Ru
Ruen Brothers


  • 3w ago gypretzi gypretzi

    I absolutely love that song 💜✨

  • 3w ago isabelflor isabelflor

    This is one of my favorite songs! Wishing you guys more success in 2019 #Ruen’d

  • 3w ago ronandmel ronandmel

    Merry Christmas, guys! Look forward to seeing you again in 2019!

  • 3w ago seankaufman244 seankaufman244


  • 3w ago solhuebner69 solhuebner69


  • 3w ago allielazuli23 allielazuli23

    This is a great track 💙 my favorite song of the year! Happy holidays and best wishes to you!

  • 3w ago treewoofs treewoofs

    Love you guys! I bought extra copies of the album for Christmas presents! Can't wait to hear what's next 🐅

  • 2w ago carlyanncummins carlyanncummins

    Didn't think I could love this song any more than I already do 💙 this is beautiful.

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