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hello this image of ripley made me wheeze so here i am posting it also i just got off of work goodnight


  • 12w ago char_.lo char_.lo

    That’s glorious

  • 12w ago stunningyoubycathil stunningyoubycathil

    Ripley is adorable!! Loved your Grinch video, and the montage was priceless!
    Now get some sleep

  • 12w ago 00_bb_gixl_00 00_bb_gixl_00

    That’s so cute lol. Also have sweet dreams!

  • 12w ago porshawazhere porshawazhere

    How cute ❤️❤️❤️

  • 12w ago charlottestent_01 charlottestent_01


  • 12w ago ernanialvesjr ernanialvesjr

    This image is from the Grinch video, isn't it? She's an accomplished actress! I love you, Mykie!😍😘🤗❤

  • 12w ago ernanialvesjr ernanialvesjr

    Merry Christmas! 😁❄❤

  • 12w ago laurielazo laurielazo

    My 5 year old niece who doesn't speak English made me watch the video 3 times 😆 that means you 2 made an excellent job ❤❤❤ happy holidays🎄🎄🎄

  • 12w ago emma_mac321 emma_mac321


  • 12w ago zigster.exe zigster.exe

    She's so cute

  • 12w ago dreamboat_bakes dreamboat_bakes

    Ripley makes me so happy looking at her oh my god😍

  • 12w ago mournings0ul mournings0ul

    She kinda looks like marbles

  • 12w ago kkgroomer86 kkgroomer86

    Hey Mykie I am a dog groomer and I put these awesome Max Antlers on all my finished grooms last year!!! They were a HIT! Love u guys HAPPY HOLIDAYS 🎄

  • 12w ago camila_fittipaldi camila_fittipaldi


  • 12w ago flipsyde_dancer flipsyde_dancer

    Ripley, the amazing babe💗🖤💕 Silly thing doesn’t realize she’s too cute to play ET unless she can sit for 8 hours while you apply sfx on her🤣

  • 11w ago chaotic.elizabeth chaotic.elizabeth

    So beautiful😍

  • 11w ago make_up_life743237 make_up_life743237

    OMG so freaking cute😍😂

  • 10w ago adornart adornart

    Follow me if you think this dog is cute ❤️❤️💗

  • 7w ago imthefallenange imthefallenange


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