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We are & always will be children at heart;
Seeking approval, seeking love, seeking guidance & seeking reassurance from a greater figure - a father like figure.

Someone who is Strong yet loving, patient yet persistent, Wise yet humble, Slow to anger and always forgiving.

As children we all have this burning desire to LOOK UP to someone - Someone who we can trust, someone who looks at us with loving eyes, & someone who ultimately knows what is best for you and what is best for me.
There is no doubt in my mind why Jesus taught us to pray to our heavenly Father. Why Jesus called us to become like children (Matthew 18:3) Because it is only then that we may fully understand how beautiful the relationship is that exists between ourselves and God.

Only the father knows you & only a child would trust that.

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  • 4w ago brittmichking brittmichking

    @natebuzz man kills people, people ask all the time why would god allow this to happen, god doesn’t allow it but he can not undo what he created.

  • 4w ago marynaventer333 marynaventer333

    Wow. Beautiful ❤️

  • 4w ago youneshuang youneshuang

    I totally agree with you ♥

  • 4w ago vkravtsevich vkravtsevich

    Great shot! 🎩

  • 4w ago anonymous62548 anonymous62548

    @natebuzz According to your own argument Nathaniel, human beings have an "incredible ability to justify" A Sikh would believe in Sikhism, a muslim in Islam, a Christian in Christianity with the same amount of devotion and conviction believing their way to be the right one. Now the obvious way to determine the right way would be to check the authenticity of the given religion no matter what one might "feel". So WHY CHRISTIANITY when it is not the most authentic? Why not Islam when the Quran is more reliable than the Bible.

  • 4w ago anonymous62548 anonymous62548

    @natebuzz According to your own argument Nathaniel, human beings have an "incredible ability to justify" A Sikh would believe in Sikhism, a Muslim in Islam, a Christian in Christianity with the same amount of devotion and conviction believing their way to be the right one. Now the obvious way to determine the right way would be to check the authenticity of the given religion no matter what one might "feel". So WHY CHRISTIANITY when it is not the most authentic? Why not Islam when the Quran is more reliable than the Bible.

  • 4w ago karlee.xoxo karlee.xoxo

    You are such an inspiration Nate!

  • 4w ago skylar_ayers skylar_ayers

    @hamel.monica Fallen angels aren’t going to waste their time making life difficult for those who don’t believe, because it’s when we are broken and alone that we turn to God. They waste their time hurting followers of Christ because they want us to give up loving our Heavenly Father in order to receive a “easier life” The road less traveled is hard to walk. Sometimes God allows these to happen as a small test, just know everything happening has a reason and a purpose :)

  • 4w ago nikishashah_04 nikishashah_04

    A relationship between dad and daughter is the best relationship ever ...I really miss my dad ..this just made me realize that God always isn't with u but God always supports u in bad situations ❤️❤️

  • 4w ago vaanii_x vaanii_x

    Thats adorable @natebuzz

  • 4w ago _sarah.kt _sarah.kt


  • 4w ago natebuzz natebuzz

    @ayushidotcom i respectfully disagree. I think trying to say every religion is the same and that they all just point to the same thing is a very easy and convenient way humanity today has tried to avoid the fear of worshipping a false “God” (a God that has been created by man), it takes away any consequence of rejecting the truth of one true God and puts power back into man’s hands. Once you begin to study religion you will begin to see how vastly different the ideas of God become. Yes many religions make beautiful statements, but so do many non religious books. The God of the Bible talked about people believing in and worshipping false God’s so immediately we have a problem, cause you would say that my God is real cause all God’s are real right? But if my God says I am the only God and there is no others then you have a huge dilemma. Is my God lying? Your statement forces you to believe in my God if all God’s are right? So why do you do now? Do you see the problem here with your statement? And why it doesn’t actually work?

  • 4w ago natebuzz natebuzz

    @ayushidotcom religion shouldn’t be about determining whether your a Good or Bad person. It’s not about you. It should be about establishing Who God really is. So not about me and good I am, but rather about Him and how great he is. That’s my opinion. Thanks for your comment

  • 4w ago natebuzz natebuzz

    @anonymous62548 according to who’s opinion. Reliable? I would say consistency is far more Important. The Bible’s origins are dated back to 1500BC the Quran is dated back to 622AD that’s 2,000 years discrepancy

  • 4w ago aninhac_cunha aninhac_cunha

    Beautiful beautiful

  • 4w ago cpfouts86 cpfouts86

    @natebuzz that was a really good way to explain what to say to a grieving parent. My daughter passed away and I wish someone would have just been there for me. People think words can fix things and truthfully no matter what you do the pain will never go away.

  • 4w ago ozijules ozijules

    @natebuzz I am about as broken as they come; complex ptsd, severe trauma from childhood, sexually abused by a christian and church loving father...I turned it around and became a counsellor because I wanted to help people and give them hope and believe in themselves. My moral compass comes from my mother. A woman who had a deep love for God and appreciation for the sacrifices that he made for her. I respected her beliefs. She grounded me and she loved me without condition or judgement. She loved everyone like that and she was my only family. Shes gone now. the most vile judgement I have ever faced in my life has come from god fearing, bible thrashing christians and I know not to judge all christians by that behaviour but it has stayed with me. I liked in southwest Missouri for 6 years, after moving from Adelaide South Australia to the bible belt and it was during that time I saw the worst of human behaviour. So, I prefer to stand apart from the "christians" who are about as un godlike as I have ever been taught about the love and acceptance of jesus christ. Like I said I really like you and love your photography. You have presence about you, a peacefulness as a man and your photo's reflect that as well. Due to illness I have recently had to stop working and had to sell my Canon 80d to pay for other things (My partner's father passed away suddenly from cancer related infection in his blood just before thanksgiving and had to fly home to the US) but prior to that I was looking at your photography closely and using it as a guide to improve my own. I hope you have a nice Christmas xox Love Jules

  • 4w ago henrycastiyo henrycastiyo

    Hi brother. Just wanted to send you lots of love and hope you are having a blessed day. I love this post. Just filled me up with joy and hope. Thank you. I think you have a real gift for sharing God’s message. At least for me, your words speak right to my heart, encourage me to work on my relationship with God, and to take joy in trying my best to be a dutiful loving son to God. I can’t express in words these feelings I’m having of happiness and gratitude that God is our father and loves us!

  • 4w ago anonymous62548 anonymous62548

    @natebuzz Reliable according to the Fact that it has been better preserved. The Bible is anything but consistent. It has different versions each with a different amount of verses, verses which different sects amongst the Christians do not consider to be from God. Moreover, verses themselves differ from version to version. Take the crucification of Christ for example: In Mark the death of Jesus appears very bleak In Mathew its better , in Luke better still and finally in John he appears to be in full control changing the whole scenario from what it was in Marks version

  • 4w ago anonymous62548 anonymous62548

    @natebuzz No doubt that the Bible's origins are dated back to 1500 BC and the Quran was revealed in 622AD. Stating their dates of revelation does not in any way prove one to be more consistent than the other- their are many religions, take Zoroastrianism for example which date far before Christianity. Are they not then more consistent and more likely to be true?

  • 4w ago bre_bambi bre_bambi

    My mom still wants to do radio with you whenever you’re around Arizona 🤣 she is very intrigued. I think it’d be cool for y’all to sit and talk about Jesus for a while as an actor

  • 4w ago alinefavicentte alinefavicentte

    I'm crying because it was so deep and so beautiful. our Father is awesome! @natebuzz

  • 4w ago jessie_caw jessie_caw

    I respect that you take the time to answer so many peoples questions or statements. It is so incredibly important to stand firm in God’s truths and not compromise our faith in Him and what He says in His Word in order to ‘agree’ with others. There is no honor in being fickle and saying ‘everyone is right’ because one that is impossible, and two that is leading people astray. I don’t know why I am writing a stranger, I think it’s because I can’t sleep right now and I truly do admire how you share everything about Jesus and I want you to know how encouraging and wonderful it is. You are a role model of truth-telling. And it shows such faith and loyalty to God because it’s regardless of how it will be received. I just read in Ezekiel 33 and 34 about the watchman and the shepherds. And it’s to the Israelites back in the day of course, but man did I feel convicted. It’s about doing your duty as a watchman and warn the people of dangers in the night and the next chapter is how the shepherds did not take care of the flock and heal and mend and teach and gather the lost sheep. It was convicting but also re-inspiring to be a wild fire for Jesus and just light up all the hills in praise and truth and love. That’s what you do.

  • 4w ago beckyarchilla beckyarchilla

    @natebuzz 👏 So right! From the old quote by C.S. Lewis Jesus is either a liar, a lunatic or He is Lord! He could not have been JUST a good person because of what He claimed in scripture!

  • 4w ago _.prettylittleliar.__ _.prettylittleliar.__

    Hello sir. Before I start here, I would like to introduce myself first. I live in India, and I am a Hindu and I have appreciated your awesome works like kol mikealson in the originals. Now sir, I do not believe in God. Or any kind of religious blamed abuse. But I do believe in karma. And I believe that all great works you do comes back, and your dark side haunts you back. And also there is someone who just makes you rethink every thing you do. Of course it can be anybody. Your father, mom, sister, brother and anybody who is there and about to come. And if you are lucky enough, they are already in your life. And you are obviously gonna get that person and be lucky enough to rethink the consequences of Every action. And about the trust and looking up to the person with admiration, I totally agree. Love you and shall be waiting for your reply. @natebuzz . Please correct me if I'm wrong. thank you sir.

  • 4w ago ayushidotcom ayushidotcom

    @natebuzz 😊😊 I liked your opinion about good and bad; and about religion, it your faith in your GOD.... And I didn't mean any God is wrong...I believe in His ideals more than any God. Although, I ain't against your statement. That's your view of being spiritually connected to Him.

  • 4w ago behatiadam7 behatiadam7

    😍 Eu te amo

  • 4w ago azka_888 azka_888

    @anonymous62548 so true!

  • 3w ago mona_arefziin mona_arefziin

    God bless you ❤️

  • 3w ago _tvoya_malyshka18 _tvoya_malyshka18

    Сделаю рекламу бесплатно 😜

  • 3w ago legitlish legitlish

    Becoming the person a child relies on is one of the greatest gifts. So innocent with the entire world to experience and it is up to us to guide them through. Teach them enough but also stand back and allow them to learn on their own. Children trust their guardians, their role models. That alone gives people a huge amount of power. Good or bad 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • 3w ago cagneyariana_ cagneyariana_


  • 3w ago madclr madclr


  • 3w ago rashel_waeckerle rashel_waeckerle

    I love this so much! Thank you for using your platform to promote Jesus! Not many do this and I’m so thankful you do!

  • 3w ago pressonpaperco pressonpaperco

    @jared_cagle that’s basically our motto for men

  • 3w ago sm.paulspam sm.paulspam


  • 3w ago neelankichatterjee9501 neelankichatterjee9501

    @natebuzz you are true but but for some people religion is a means of people reflecting back on their actions and we are all but children of gods if we don't sit back and look upon our straying thoughts and actions this world of God and their children can never become good and really we all are supposed to introspect and seek solace from God just like we do from our parents. That's the basic ideal at the end of the day in any major religion just like a child seeks comfort from their parents and tries to do the right thing by them for a better world.

  • 3w ago valerie.valentine valerie.valentine

    @_sheridancaroline follow him(Kol 😉), I love his messages about Jesus and God ♥️ he’s obviously filled w the Holy Spirit

  • 3w ago fabriciorodrigues2154 fabriciorodrigues2154


  • 2w ago 3littlefishysmama 3littlefishysmama

    @natebuzz very comforting. I lost my husband to ALS three years ago, and some days the grief can still be overwhelming. I am always grateful for reminders of hope, that there is something more, and a greater purpose.

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