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TOMORROW (Wednesday) the Delta 4 Heavy will be launched from Vandenberg! Liftoff is scheduled for 5:44 PM Pacific which means it should be a spectacular show! LA will think aliens are invading.
This is video I took of the last Vandenberg launch on October 7th. 2018. It doesn't do the majesty of this spectacle justice. ------------
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  • 4w ago endee666 endee666

    Awesome footage of the last one!

  • 4w ago tjfast55 tjfast55

    You know what would go good with this? Sick ffdp track in the background 🙈

  • 4w ago svtrondogg svtrondogg

    They will have doomed us all..

  • 4w ago andymatt1979 andymatt1979

    I used to work at Vandenberg, back in the late 90s and early 2000s and there are many things cooler than to see a launch in person!

  • 4w ago andymatt1979 andymatt1979

    @andymatt1979 *aren’t many things...

  • 4w ago arndog1975 arndog1975

    The aliens have already invaded.

  • 4w ago lee99399 lee99399

    The next launch hopefully will be a successful one 🚀

  • 4w ago motorrunninggoods motorrunninggoods


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