Instagram post by @heyshivalika Shivalika Sharma

Kyunki jab bhi aisa lage ki Kahin kho na jaye hum,
Kho jayo apni hi aankhon mein .

Paraaye khushiyon mein sirf kuch pal ka
Maza hai,

Jo apne gham mein bhi muskuraye woh,

Woh jaanta hai ki pal khud nahin badalta,
Usse sirf insaan badal sakta hai!
And if you were to get lost in the unknown,
Then trust your own eyes.
Tempt not to seek shelter in the temporary and borrowed.
Hold on to appreciate your own phase a little longer
Because through your own experiences you will GAIN,
Not extraordinary courage
But the simplest joys of smiling in those moments...
What others call pain ! .
That पल is your strongest and takes you ahead 👈
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