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This day in Machine Head history:⠀
MH support the ‘Tallica at the Forum in LA for the first of 2 nights. Originally scheduled with Lamb of God, Machine Head replace them after the Christian-based-Forum-owners have an issue with their name⠀

December 17, 2008⠀

Metallica: World Magnetic Tour 08⠀

The Forum⠀

Inglewood, CA, US⠀

Other bands:⠀
The Sword⠀

1. Clenching the Fists of Dissent⠀
2. Imperium⠀
3. Beautiful Mourning⠀
4. Halo⠀
5. Davidian⠀



  • 14w ago troublesome2002 troublesome2002

    Won’t let lamb of god play yet machine head gets away with playing Halo lol.

  • 14w ago paincakes paincakes

    I was there for both nights! Had a blast!!!

  • 14w ago adelaide8957 adelaide8957

    You guys are the best!! 🖤🔥

  • 14w ago wind_sand_and_stars wind_sand_and_stars

    I wasn't there for this show, but I was at the show in San Jose on 12 December 2009.

  • 14w ago koji_yamamoto_cinema koji_yamamoto_cinema

    I was there! Shitty crowd though.

  • 14w ago rumxdrum rumxdrum

    Next night you played Hallowed Be Thy Name🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼

  • 14w ago xvicthespicx xvicthespicx

    I was at the Honda Center show. You dudes def Killed Em’ All. 😎

  • 14w ago stonesteveo2012 stonesteveo2012

    This was where I saw @machine_head for the first time. Blew my fucking mind!

  • 14w ago twinkiepudge twinkiepudge

    I was there!! Damn I can’t believe it’s been 10 years already.

  • 14w ago kurt_tobie kurt_tobie

    Was there Jan 17 Philly

  • 14w ago jsim261 jsim261

    @papasteve264 10 yrs

  • 13w ago ap1471889 ap1471889

    Suck shit lamb of god

  • 13w ago rednerdaniel rednerdaniel

    Was there. An epic show and an awesome surprise having machine head open.

  • 13w ago marcelo.bender marcelo.bender

    What a beautiful setlist to warm up for Metallica!! Actually burning down for Metallica!! 👏🏽🔥👊🏼🤘🏼

  • 13w ago doubled8420 doubled8420

    The Christian owners were upset with the name Lamb of God? That's like a fat person hating the name Cupcakes Are Awesome.

  • 13w ago steve_lagudi steve_lagudi

    Hey @rodrigo_shot_rod look, they closed w davidian lol

  • 13w ago taunib taunib

    I was there!

  • 13w ago gtk8205 gtk8205

    Those d🅰️rn christians

  • 13w ago mrchadmario mrchadmario

    I flew from Regina, Saskatchewan to Milwaukee just to see Machine Head and Metallica play together. Worth every penny....

  • 13w ago luisenriquedonoso luisenriquedonoso

    Tour en Seattle 89" live genial★★★

  • 13w ago eddy01 eddy01

    Open with Imperium we all know it’s the best opening track of all time then throw in Game Over as the encore. Also I hope you smash Metallica off the stage & take over

  • 13w ago mark_bubb mark_bubb

    That would have been sick 🤘🏻

  • 13w ago paolojmonroythedragonborn paolojmonroythedragonborn

    My brother was at that show on that date!

  • 13w ago mickrivet mickrivet

    They should have kept burn the priest 🤘😈🤘

  • 13w ago joshua.humphries joshua.humphries

    Christian organisers had an issue with Lamb of God’s name, but allowed you to play Halo? 🤔😬

  • 13w ago eliasvw eliasvw

    Halo quote: 'this is abortion's knive aiming at the womb of the Christian conspiracy'. The venue owners didn't do a decent background check I guess...

  • 13w ago richardking3760 richardking3760

    awesome, I saw you come to the rescue in London 2006 "sick of the studio" tour. Two of my favourite bands under one roof.

  • 13w ago avosagency avosagency

    @doubled8420 as a resident fat person, I personally take offense to the name cupcakes are awesome because I feel that without the fact that cupcakes actually are incredibly awesome, I wouldn’t be as fat as I am. 😆🤘🏼

  • 13w ago paraboltheworld paraboltheworld

    😂😂😂 fucking christians

  • 13w ago fenderplayer24 fenderplayer24

    Was there! 🤘

  • 13w ago betzlpretzel betzlpretzel

    @jennvw Good times!

  • 13w ago danf7884 danf7884

    I was at the Wachovia center in philly in Jan ‘09 when MH opened for Metallica. No offense to Metallica but I thought MH stole the show. Definitely one of the best concerts that I’ve been to.

  • 13w ago metalthruurhead metalthruurhead

    @doubled8420 it was because it is a satirical name, which they switched to, because their original name was "Burn the priest" clubs wouldn't let them play as "Burn the Priest" so they became "Lamb of God".

  • 13w ago doubled8420 doubled8420

    @metalthruurhead it was a joke. I'm from the Richmond area. I know all about LoG and BTP. But thanks

  • 13w ago drew_casling drew_casling

    @trauternj its a half hour set with just 5 songs

  • 13w ago modi_od modi_od

    ❤️❤️❤️🤘🤘🤘keep on rocking

  • 13w ago enzoop_dm enzoop_dm


  • 12w ago metalthruurhead metalthruurhead

    @doubled8420 no prob lmao, just making sure, some people probably actually think LoG is some sort of Christian Metal xD

  • 12w ago doubled8420 doubled8420

    @metalthruurhead some people haven't listened to Lamb of God.😂

  • 12w ago doubled8420 doubled8420

    @metalthruurhead I just saw #Gwar for the 35th time. I know a little bit about RVa metal.

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