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This week, James Fields, the white supremacist who drove a car into a crowd and killed Heather Heyer and injured others, was convicted of first degree murder and sentenced to life in prison. But for the wider question of culpability for that day’s violence, for the massive uptick in hate crimes in America, for the perpetuation of systemic racism generation to generation, embedded in our families and our institutions—we need more complicated answers.

Women like Amanda and Erika also do the grunt work of pro-white activism. And women like Tara and Ayla follow the time-honored tradition of bringing up racist children—that #trad lifestyle they admire so much that once included taking the family out for a day’s entertainment at public lynchings. These women present outsiders with an “acceptable face” of white supremacy, a soft, palatable point of entry with the nostalgic glow of an idealized, wishfully apolitical past. This attempt to neutralize the stigma of more overt racism makes women of The Movement valuable recruiting tools, far more insidious than skinhead thugs or robed Klansmen. To understand the radicalization of white supremacy in the United States, we need to comprehend its roots as a complex, extensive ecosystem with unexpected hubs of power.

Please give a read to my piece "American Women of the Far Right" on @nybooks. Many thanks to Matt Seaton for his endless patience, and of course to @economichardship and @thenewschool for supporting this work. And, very excited to keep going, as well as seeking redemption, next year for Aftermath Project and @saraterry13. Link in bio.


  • 22w ago kee_neow kee_neow

    Get a life, please. More liberal strawmanning of conservatives---pix of the kkk & endless recycling of charlottesville---always extreme fringe you love to write about so you can feel superior. Your work is trash. People like you create extremists.

  • 22w ago pdxistential pdxistential

    Amazing job. Thank you for expanding the dialogue. You know you’re on the right path when the trolls follow you obsessively and jack out their hate first chance they get.

  • 22w ago glennagordon glennagordon

    @kee_neow I wish I was as powerful as you make me out to be here! The world would look VERY different. And sadly, extremists were there before and shall continue after...

  • 22w ago blackoliveprism blackoliveprism

    @kee_neow The extreme fringe is able to perpetuate thanks to those like you who deny racism is and always has been a cornerstone of conservative culture.

  • 22w ago maggiesteber maggiesteber

    You might want to tell people to go to because @nybooks has no posts yet. But their link is in their bio. Congratulations many times over.

  • 22w ago glennagordon glennagordon

    @maggiesteber ack thank you!! Linking now :)

  • 22w ago erin.k.m erin.k.m

    @kee_neow just because there are fewer dangerous extremists than not does not mean this type of extremism is acceptable, nor that it is acceptable for us to ignore them. That's like saying that not everyone is a murderer so we better ignore the people who are or risk turning everyone into a murderer . Come on.

  • 22w ago cocoaburrerskin cocoaburrerskin

    @shaunking have you read this?

  • 22w ago artlandishdesigns artlandishdesigns

    @kee_neow these things are actually happening though... so either you agree with these stances and believe some humans are inferior, or you are ignorant.

  • 22w ago eastofadelaide eastofadelaide

    Jeebuz. Frightening stuff

  • 22w ago weirderthanme weirderthanme


  • 22w ago deananana deananana

    Glenna, this is such an amazing and important accomplishment and contribution! Congratulations!

  • 22w ago pdxistential pdxistential


  • 22w ago disheveling disheveling

    @pdxistential TRUTH.

  • 22w ago maggiesabec maggiesabec

    Glenna, really well done journalism. I appreciated your including "the movement".
    Look forward to your next piece.

  • 22w ago marybethmeehan marybethmeehan

    absolutely fantastic. I admire your work so much — keep going! all best, mary beth

  • 22w ago davthor davthor


    straw man (/ˌstrô ˈman/) n. 1. an intentionally misrepresented proposition that is set up because it is easier to defeat than an opponent's real argument.
    As used in the sentence: “There is a headspinning, laughable irony to the straw man accusation that the photojournalism of @glennagordon, which documents the disturbing reality of the *specific phenomenon* of the radicalization of white supremacy in the United States without purporting to pass comment on ‘conservatives’ generally, is mere ‘liberal strawmanning of conservatives’.” (Source: Webster’s New Am. Dictionary of Unproductive Hypocritical Bullshit, 3d Ed.)

  • 22w ago redtembo1976 redtembo1976

    @dallipark_times this is who I was telling you about. Amazing work.

  • 22w ago dallipark_times dallipark_times

    @redtembo1976 brilliant, thank you

  • 22w ago becoz_i_can_ becoz_i_can_

    Thank you for peeling back the lid on this dreadful truth

  • 22w ago megslala megslala

    Omg the 'we don't call 911" sign looks like a still straight out of a horror story trailer... ugh amerik.

  • 22w ago kee_neow kee_neow

    More race hucksterism from the left. It always sells! Go do a photo spread about all the black, brown, and yellow people leaving their nonwhite cultures to white cultures. Funny that. Interesting that the caravan had no interest in staying in Mexico—risking everything to come to this god awful racist hellhole we call America. Go celebrate your article in your gentrified apartment in Brooklyn w/your woke liberal white friends who all live in white spaces...

  • 21w ago settoreq settoreq

    Original feed I like to keep an eye on. Check my own feed.

  • 2w ago gulcinwilhelm gulcinwilhelm

    Thanks for the article

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