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Great story on the impact on the Venezuelan crisis on mother’s, children and health care, by my travel companion and Spanish tutor @at.ligaze for @telegraph with @savechildrenuk

In the scorching heat, worried mothers clutch sick children who are presenting with a mix of maladies – fevers, convulsions, skin lesions and even acute malnutrition.

But this isn't a doctor's waiting room, it's the communal area of a migrant centre in Maicao, a dusty desert city in La Guajira, a region of northern Colombia close to the border with Venezuela.

Each day, dozens of people languish here, just a handful of the estimated three million migrants who have fled Venezuela's long-running economic and political meltdown over the last few years.
The children are here and not in a doctor's office because Venezuelan migrants often don't have the papers to sign up to a Colombian insurer or the means to get to the main hospital which is more than 40 minutes walk out of town under the blazing sun.

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