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  • 6w ago _f.u.b.a.r _f.u.b.a.r

    we are here for you <3

  • 6w ago treebee49 treebee49

    ❤️ You did not deserve this. I believe you. 💙

  • 6w ago veronicaa_hurtado veronicaa_hurtado

    As a mom I wish I could take everyone of these moments that each one of you endured and put it on myself! I have made it a point to read each one of these stories and validate that it happened and to send my healing energy to you. You’re not only a survivor but you’re a true heroes for telling your stories so that other people could read them and no they’re not alone. #OneLove #Timesup #ibelieveher #Ibelievehim ❤️

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