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ADVICE FOR BEGINNERS by: @chaddriscoll
Are you starting or wanting to start your fitness journey? Read this and then click the link in my bio. I have created a program just for you!
Starting can be a bit scary, I get it. Here are my best tips for you moving forward.
Don’t overthink shit. Act more than you think. Thinking will only make you stall and slow progress. There is no perfect way to go about it, get in the gym and lift!
You are a product of your habits! I always say your body is a representation of what you have done most consistently for the past 6 months-1 year. Form good habits at the start and you will thank yourself later. Habits, habits, habits!
Screw the scale. It doesn’t mean shit! There are much better ways to track your progress. Concentrate on having good habits and let the rest take care of itself.
Your road will not go as planned. If you think you will be different, you’re wrong. There will always be obstacles, plateaus, and turns that you won’t expect. That is why you need to know this now. When shit hits the fan you won’t be phased. You can just adjust and keep moving forward.
I didn’t want this post to be calories this, calories that. These tips will set you up to be successful regardless of you direction.
I hope you win so much at your health and fitness! Remember, fitness isn’t your whole life, but should be a part of it. Have fun, be strong, and love it!
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  • 3d ago purepremium_supplements purepremium_supplements

    Thank you for sharing this.

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  • 3d ago mav7220 mav7220

    Great advice for everyone. Too many look for the perfect workout, perfect number of sets, etc. Work hard, eat right and have fun! The results will come...

  • 3d ago dancudes dancudes

    Great advice for beginners!

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  • 3d ago seriouslystrong seriouslystrong

    The most important thing a beginner can do is become consistent over time. This has to start with small changes that produce big results (called low hanging fruit). These low effort high reward shifts will become part of your lifestyle in time and then you can add new changes that continue to move you along the spectrum of a healthy life.

  • 3d ago henryjungphoto henryjungphoto

    Love this post!

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  • 19h ago mrsportofficial mrsportofficial

    Overthinking is a big one. Just get on with it, mess things up, and then review in due time 🙌🏼

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